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  1. I wish we had that amount of rabbits over here. Theres non left were i live, barren. (Holland)
  2. It was , but not the numbers like we had in the past. Still some hunting is done with lurchers , mostly by travellers.Secrecy is the keyword here.
  3. Thats correct , youre not allowed to use lurchers or sighthounds for drawing when digging.As the law states over here , any dog capable of pursuing and catching game like hares , roedeer or whatever will be considered and seen as longdog. So not necessarily a sighthound. Could be any breed.
  4. It´s not illegal to own running dogs , coursing hares with them is. It´s more of a keep yourself to yourself mentality over here.It is in most cases not a daytime pursuit.
  5. Very sad news indeed , rest in peace.
  6. Knuckle bones will do the trick Bird. Always have some in the freezer . As said once a week a bone and theire teeth are shining in the dark.
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