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  1. Nearly a year after posting he got his rabbit! ? I did take him a few times after I posted this but didn’t get any good opportunities then got mad busy with work. Anyway took him weds he had two decent runs but they got back to the warren and then missed 2 sitters, he just didn’t see them and f****d off in opposite direction haha. Took him fri night after and he caught the first one we saw, was a sitter but had a good run. Although his retrieve is usually pretty good, he held onto the rabbit and wouldn’t come back. I went over to him and he stood up walked towards me and let me take it. it
  2. Hahaha it's bloody handbags at dawn. Cheers for all the advice lads. Just to clear up, I will mostly be taking him lamping, but was under the impression it's good to get a daytime rabbit first. Seems it's not necessary, so looks like I'll be taking him lamping one night this week to see if we can get one or two for pot... and they won't be getting dropped by me ?
  3. cheers for the advice mate. He's a right mix, beddy saluki grey x collie bull grey if I remember right.
  4. I picked up my first lurcher last year, he's a good lad, very intelligent and responsive. His recall is good, he will retrieve a rabbit dummy back to hand over a farm gate. He has good prey drive for Rabbits and squirrels as has tried to chase a few when he's been off lead. He's a year old now and I want to get him on the rabbits. I've bought a decent lamp but I've read it's best for him to catch a couple of day time sitters before taking him lamping. I've never coursed before and don't know anyone who does it either. What's the best way to get him a day time catch? I've g
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