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  1. Anyone got any young Jill's available, ideally kits or around a year or so old? In or around the NW
  2. Sound good pal, yeah not in any hurry. Pm me when they're ready, cheers bud!
  3. Vasectomises hob for swap with gills View Advert Anyone interested in swapping a vasectomised hob for 2 or 3 gills? Ideally kits or young ones. My hob is about 3 years old and an excellent worker, I paid 60 quid to get him done 2 years ago but have since had 2 gills die so I need a few more. I prefer working gills, hence the swap. pm me if interested. Advertiser rob190364 Date 13/04/18 Price
  4. My busher pup could really benefit from a day out with one or two established bushers, he's 9 months now, following scents and sometimes entering cover but not quite as I expected at this point. I know he's still young but I'm sure it would do him good seeing another dog get stuck in a bit. I'm in the NW if anyone fancies going put for a wander, PM me.
  5. Pm with details if anyone is selling one
  6. I wouldn't give up yet, I once lost a Jill and it turned up at a neighbours a few says later.
  7. Smart looking dogs you've got there pal!
  8. Nearly 7 months old now....
  9. Anyone got one for sale? Pm me
  10. Fascinating to see what goes on underground, great work pal!
  11. I know someone that killed somebody. Didn't goto prison as it was not their fault. Really nice guy but it has effected him. His was an accident imagine how bad you'd feel doing it for cash? It wouldn't be too bad if you had absolutely no concept of who it was that had actually died, there wouldn't be that much to dwell on because you would know any details.
  12. The funny thing is, some people with real money wouldn't even need to think, they'd do it in a heartbeat....no debate, press and take the money, and I'm talking about people who really don't need it....and that's probably part of the reason they are rich and we're not. There's loads of interesting research about narcissists and psychopaths in business, and I've seen a few examples first hand, they're not wired like normal people.
  13. Pictures like this don't do any of us any favours....everyone will have seen a rabbit in a bit of a mess if a ferrets been at it for a while...albeit probably nothing like as bad as this, but one of the reasons you won't often see it is because people have more common sense than to put graphic pictures for all to see of the uglier side of the sport. Just my opinion, why give ammunition to the unwashed, for them to use against one of the few sports we're still legally allowed to do?
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