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  1. ye i heard she was a good bitch bit of a head case tho i think i could be wrong
  2. by big bimbi what you mean stags and bucks?......wasnt buster gollys sire a saluki x X bull x? yes mate stags and bucks but on anything eles he get the job done but i can only judge on what ive seen of the breeding
  3. listen lads every dog has its limit i find a lot of lads wont let a dog heal up befor its next outing i owned a dog out of golly called jake and i be very onest he wouldnt do big bambi but anything eles he was great on but in all onesty he never had a lot of gears so mabe he go sick of chasing bambi but i believe that dogs are bred 4 surton things and 4 deer unles golly was put 2 a pure greyhound deer dogs they were surtonley not but that is only my opion from what ive seen of the 1 i owned
  4. what buster spewed aswel did he ya learn somthink new every day
  5. i dont think it was golly who spewd because he had 2 many wormers i think that was a dog out of him i could be wrong
  6. any of you lads got much stuff out of golly i havent seen alot out of him lately i was looking at old topics of him he seemed a decent animal put some pics up if you got any dogs out of him
  7. so pleased my dog has been out 4 8 weeks with pulled tendons in the shoulder hes been in the pen all that time with a little walk each day wel ran him on 3 rabbits tonight he caught 2 and there was no limp so hopefuly he should be ok
  8. i just bought the littium 22amp battery and the light force striker with the dimmer buttons it brilliant
  9. took the dog 2 a realy good greyhound vet dan doherty he said the the dog has pulled the tendons in his shoulder hopefully 6weeks rest wil do the job
  10. if there was a fracture would there be any swellng because hes never had no swelling he walks on it fine but you can see he is favouring it a bit
  11. took my dog lamping he caught 3 or 4 rabbits he was fine the next night he runed 3 killed them but on the 4th he came back a bit lame on his front leg this happend just over a week ago and he is stilll a bit lame he has no cuts all his toes are fin and you can bend his leg and rist wich ever way you want and he does show no pain what do you think it could be
  12. some 1 told me the origanal dog that started the line was a rescue dog no 1 nose what he was but then again same as stabba said rumours
  13. wel i sapose its diffrent people like diffrent things alot of peolple like these pocket rockets and tey say they can catch them with ease but i sapose it all depends how they finish the job at the end of it
  14. fair comment stabba i dont sapose they could cope with the numbers
  15. good point wilf i sapose a bigger dog will take les punishment
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