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  1. Just wondering if anyone runs a rat pack in north wales. If not, might start one up
  2. Kierans catapult bands from Facebook. Top bloke and great band sets
  3. Here’s my contribution, headshot with a hegarty catty
  4. Hi guys, I was just wondering how often you feed your dogs. I know some here feed twice daily, am and pm, some just am and some just pm. Do you think it makes a difference? Thanks
  5. I used to have a small lab x kelpie. Fantastic bushing dog. Sounds the same as the one you had as youngsters
  6. I’m going to try them on kibble/ scraps see how that goes. Vet checked them and said nowt wrong just not taking to the food.
  7. Dogs are 15kg . They eat approximately 400g
  8. Chicken, turkey and beef mix
  9. I get it from Holyhead in north wales, they do a variety of raw foods. They have the runs on it, and they become lethargic as hell. With a mixer they have been better so looking at the dried and fresh meat mixes or wet food
  10. Hi guys, looking for recommendations. I work two collie x kelpies. Cracking little dogs. What are you guys feeding? I’ve tried them on raw foods but they’re not doing to good on it. I’ve tried various mixes/wet and dry food but it’s a bit hit and miss. Any recommendations? Thank you
  11. I currently mooch about in a cheap pair of wellies. Problem is they break quite quickly and always leak! Ive tried different types but they all only seem to last a month or so ( lots of thorns, slate that seem to cut and puncture them) What do you guys mooch about in? Any recommendations? thank you
  12. Stunner mate, hopefully make you a cracking dog
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