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  1. Got a gone2ground one in its way cheers for the heads up
  2. You do any rectangle shape ones bud
  3. Is anyone on here selling ferret boxes? I’m after a single box. If not it’ll have to be ebay. Cheers joe
  4. Been handed a hob that was found near Bizzie Lizzies, very tame.
  5. Unfortunately I don't need it for humping legs so I'll keep looking cheers anyway though.
  6. Took some photos a while ago and recently discovered them on the computer. This particular set of fields is on an estate that I beat on. We take a good number of rabbits off every year, yet each September there's still plenty to go at. I think it could do with close proximity of the farmers and keepers houses so the rabbits are free to breed in peace. Ended the day on 10 I believe. The last warren was difficult to do as I was on my own, holes either side of a wall, a dog would have come in very handy. Joe
  7. Great condition, think I payed £35. Wanting £20, collection from Skipton, will post at buyers expense.
  8. Lost his number and need to get in contact with him, tried PM but I don't think he's on here much these days. Drop us a message if you can help.
  9. You start taking it for granted after a while. I guess i'm lucky to live where I do, especially in a rabbiting sense.
  10. Yeah we had the hob at 7ft at one point, no bother though he doesn't stick around once the rabbit's dead.
  11. Was out again a couple of weeks back, had a nice afternoon, getting piss wet through at one point but then the sun came out and dried us off. Think we ended on around 8.
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