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  1. A good Patterdale is sufficient for the end of the dig. . A good terrierman is sufficient for the end of the dig!!
  2. When you can bend it with little effort!!
  3. Florida is great plenty of fishing and loads of shopping centres for the Mrs I would avoid Mexico like the plague way too dangerous gone
  4. Bit of rope for a lead going digging?,come on young man think about it ,as for threadmills and the like they can only be a positive step for your workers jmo. All the best.
  5. That is early,I usually see them over here first week of April ,love having them around the place although numbers seem to be declining over the last 10 to 15 years ,anyone else see the same trend?
  6. Randy Rhodes ,classical and rock guitarist,I'd recommend anyone listen to a piece called Dee ,a piece he wrote for his mother,a beautiful tune and fairly handy to learn
  7. One of the finest ladies of our time ! I'd try and push the balls in aswell!
  8. . If I was looking a rabbiting dog I'd get a straight working bred whippet or whippet hound putting terrier or bull in them only slows them down and them rabbits ain't slow! Jmo ,all the best!
  9. If I were you I'd stop arguing with them,hopefully this phase will pass,bring them along to the local boxing club this will soon teach them respect for themselves and others and get them interested in their health,all the best!
  10. First photos of her I've seen with nothing in her mouth! Beautiful animal you have there,all the best for the season!
  11. The greatest game on earth ,think tipp had their chance but too close to call,hogan will surely get hurler of the year can't wait for this one!!
  12. Shes a fine lady I'd have a problem staying off her if she was mine!
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