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Found 26 results

  1. Hi All, My Whippet x Greyhound is about 18months old now. She is a great family pet and a natural at catching rabbits and even one muntjac (along with my border terrier). If I had more knowledge id love to use her for rabbits & lamping. The only downside to her is that she is very fussy about what she eats... I've tried meat, rice veg and meat/fish, biscuits, chicken skins and she still won't put any weight on. She rarely finishes a meal, and doesn't often eat in the mornings. I don't leave food down all day either. I'm a not concerned that she is unhealthy and it doesn't bother me too much, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any tips on fattening up a running dog?
  2. Does anyone no of a bedlington whippet bitch for sale
  3. Hello all, bit of a strange one this BUT, my 8 year old lad wants to get into the game but obviously with him only being 8 if rather him go out with me, however, hes now decided he wants his own dog instead of just going with me. Mythering me for the last few months now and I've decided to post on here, andlooking at purchasing a small dog for him, preferably whippet, or atleastbsomething that isnt going to pull him over a field. BUT won't be spending a lot of money as it's nearly xmas and already spent too much and as this will be part xmas for him it needs to be fairly cheap,(cheeky), going to start him with ferreting first to see how he gets on. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi i am wondering if anyone has a whippet x collie i can see i pic of or something like a smooth coat beddy whippet
  5. Hi I am after a bull whippet greyhound around June July time just wondering if anyone has any pups on the way thanks.
  6. Splashed out today went out and upgraded my lamping setuo from a Clulite CB2 to a Lightforce Striker and Lithium 22ah Battery and im well chuffed with myself! Think of putting a 75watt or 50watt bulb in instead of the 100watt to get even longer out of a charge what do you lads think?
  7. Can whippets run hare well enough?
  8. got a decent pic of the pup and thought i would share it what you think.
  9. Does anybody know does using different filters on rabbits make a difference if so can anybody recommend what colours toodle dooo
  10. This is my 10 month old bitch laguna whippet 18''. what do ya think.
  11. is the poachers forum any good, saw it advertised in the edrd mag?
  12. anyone got any litters or know of any, im thinking of getting one.
  13. ive seen posts of whippetxbull's, just wondering if anyone knows that jp still breeds them or not. and if he has any litters coming soon.
  14. looking for a litter up now or due soon. bull whippet or bull grey x whippet. in the north west area. any breeders or help would be great
  15. What would a greycollie x whippetbull be like for work, mainly lampin alrounder?
  16. how does a BULL X WHIPPET run compared with a WHIPPET, running bunnies and long ear. how do they turn and are they bursty and agile? anyone with experience or any videos of one running. im curious to how good they are.
  17. Went out tonight for a shine with the whippet slipped her at a bunny chased it around the field then she went way across the twisting and turning it, the feild was id say about 20-30 maybe even forty acres as she went near to the far end of the feild the lamp (Clu-lite cb2) wasnt strong enough to pick it up then she started yapping, im thinking she was yapping because she did not fully know where the rabbit was because of the lamp not being able to shine far enough meaning she didnt know when to make her strike. This is only her id say 5 course on the lamp but by far the best and longest. Has this ever happened anybody, there lamp not being able to shine far enough? I have seen her picking up rebbits in the daytime
  18. hi, i'm new to this forum but had a few dogs. basically i like the look of bull crosses and the attributes they bring to a dog ( gameness etc) but was wondering whats best to cross it with. I will mainly be hunting rabbits but would like it to handle bigger quarry, and something that's quick off the spot. and what percentages are best and on what side (sire dam). not too familiar with all the breeding business you see . i would rather it be real better on rabbits if that helps. thanks.
  19. Im off work at the moment with a broken hand and the boredom is really starting to set heres a video i made of a few pics of my 3 dogs . They're aged between 1-3 , all scenes that fall foul of the hunting ban have been omitted :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CVCrHEf8IY
  20. i have a dvd made, Lurchers and Countrysports Ireland, 120mins, it has chapter 1. bushing with terriers lurchers and whippets 20mins, 2. ferreting 18 mins, 3. lamping 18mins, 4.pest control with hawks, 10 mins. 5. greyhound raceing and training 14 mins., its due for release at the end of october and i was looking for advice about the best places to advertise it
  21. it really takes the piss when your dog is a "family dog" but its your dog when it does something wrong and our dog and its good it really does piss me off.
  22. My Saluki X Whippet Running >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA4R7I3ABaA
  23. Chicken Wired the whole of my garden a while ago, and there has been argument after argument in the house to which twat has left the gate open and the dog has gotten out, after a little while we decided to go for a walk with the other dog and wait to see how she escaped at 4months i wasnt sure she could do this but im pretty impressed now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S26TYpC6-Ko
  24. I got a lend of a lure off my mate and i was just looking to know how far i should run it I asked the boy how far to run it but hes the sort of person who says things like " Awk sure you will know yourself". lol The dog is a Pure KC Whippet and is 16kg the last time she was wieghed and i know the she is a little over wieght I will get some pictures up maybe tomorow
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