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  1. SHAM1979

    Sport Dog Tec 2

    Good question tony Looking to buy myself this year and need to know the best between the two Any info will help lads
  2. SHAM1979

    Gps Devices

    Any of ye lads use the sport dog tek 2 and what do ye think in comparison
  3. SHAM1979

    Bellman And Flint Warranty.

    Do u have to have the purchase receipt or does the serial number on box cover the warranty
  4. SHAM1979


    Great Vid. Whats the head setup that u use. Been looking into one for a while now.
  5. Bull Breed show Midelton Co Cork Ireland 31st of May 2014 and 1st June 2014 Weight pulling Athletic events etc. Check out all details on www.donedeal .ie Search : lurcher terrier bulldog olde posted in pet services Looking forward to it . Thanks for looking .
  6. SHAM1979

    Well Tested Dogs..?

    Very similar looking dog
  7. http://www.donedeal.ie/for-sale/dogs/4047919 all the details are on the link 11 november 2012
  8. Ireland 2nd EKC sanctined event is taking place at bridestown equestrian centre kilidian glenville co cork ireland with a 11am start This is followed by an american bulldog weight pulling event All details can be found on donedeal.ie dog section by typing in american bulldog in cork http://www.donedeal.ie/for-sale/dogs/3104525
  9. SHAM1979

    Stop Terrier Marking Rabbits

    The bitch was bought 8 months ago, the place i got her from has very little or no rabbits. It seems that this is a new thing to her. She has only starting doing it in the last few weeks. She is a great bitch and doing everything the seller told me. I will just have to see if i can persuade her not to mark them up. Thanks for all your replies
  10. SHAM1979

    Stop Terrier Marking Rabbits

    Thanks Hedz. The pack flush a lot of foxes from the cover, dats there job, no complaints there. I believe i will have a big problem aswell trying to get the terrier out of the habit, but hoping someone might had a similar problem that might have solved it. No harm in trying. If this dont work, then i think she will have to go to someone who will keep her on the lead.
  11. SHAM1979

    Stop Terrier Marking Rabbits

    A lot of our game is found by the terrier, so its a big help to have them hunting with the pack.
  12. Im hoping someone can advise me on how to stop my terrier bitch from marking rabbits. I hunt the bitch with a pack of teagles and she has recently started to mark rabbit burrows. She wont come away from them. U need to locate her and pull her out. We only hunt foxes so as u can see this is a mjor problem. There is also the fear that the teagles will pick up the habit. This bitch is a very good bitch underground and would hate to have to get rid of her. She is a 4 year old border patterdale bitch. Any advice is welcome.