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  1. Lamper121

    3 tier hutch

    PetsatHome do good hutches actually, at not bad prices. Otherwise good old EBay
  2. Lamper121

    Hob wont serve Jill.....

    I took her for a jab yesterday's actually, she started looking a bit weak and sluggish and I wasnt risking anything. Discussed it with the vet and we came to the same conclusion as we did on here that the hob probably just lost interest as his balls went back in and her season was fairly late on
  3. Lamper121

    Early Sloes

    I've got some Sloe Gin and Blackberry Vodka on the bubble already
  4. Lamper121

    Early Sloes

    I have just been picking ripe sloe berries here in North Yorkshire, anyone else noticed how early they are this year?
  5. Lamper121

    Hob wont serve Jill.....

    Thanks mate I think I'll take your advice. I keep their cage and run spotless so hopefully she'll be ok and come out of season soon. I presume it's the darker nights and cooler weather that knocks them out of it?
  6. Lamper121

    Hob wont serve Jill.....

    Thanks all for all the good replies, his balls have definitely gone back in side. I'm going to try the few days in solitary and see if that works first, if not, its to the vets.
  7. Lamper121

    Hob wont serve Jill.....

    My best Jill had a litter this season. All the kits have now gone apart from the one I kept back for myself. When the kits were weaned I put the jill back in with my vasectomized hob and my other two jills. At this point she wasn't in season but the hob humped he silly for quite a while and then calmed down. Anyway, I now notice she's been come into season again and has been for about two weeks. Now the hob doesn't appear to by serving her at all and she therefore remains in season. I'm genuinely thinking of taking her for the jab on this occasion as it looks like the hob isn't going to sort her out for me. Anyone else seen this before? Any particular reason why the hob was so keen before and now doesn't seem interested even though she is fully in season?
  8. Lamper121

    When's everyone starting back

    Mid-October or early November for me, prefer the cold days and less vegetation.
  9. Lamper121

    Ferret Kits - Near Malton, North Yorkshire

    UPDATE: ALL SOLD. Thanks
  10. I use a tarp pinned down with a couple of logs on top of the hutch and the stretched to the ground at a 45 degree angle and pinned down at the ground with a couple of other logs, it allows shade but air can still circulate. Also in the big run I put a big bowl of water with stones in it, it seems to encourage them to dip their heads under to retrieve the stones. Even the kits enjoy dipping their heads in that.
  11. Lamper121

    Phantom pregnancy

    Sory to hear that mate, like Arry says it always stings when you loose one of the little fuzz balls
  12. Lamper121

    Bad times...

    Very sorry to hear that mate, very sad.
  13. Lamper121

    Ferret Kits - Near Malton, North Yorkshire

    Update: Only 1 Jill and 2 hobs left
  14. Lamper121

    Ferret Kits - Near Malton, North Yorkshire

    UPDATE: Only 1 Jill and 3 hobs left - all albino.
  15. Time Left: 16 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Ferret Kits for Sale 3 Hobs - all albino 1 Jills - albino Ready to go after the 4th July. Fed on fresh rabbit since 3 weeks old. Handled regularly be me and the kids so not nervous at all. Parents can both be seen and handled. Both parents are owned by me and are worked regularly throughout the season, I had this litter as a one off as I wanted another Jill for my team and the parents are my best workers. Viewing is welcomed but no time wasters please. Hobs £10 each Jills £15 each Located near Malton, North Yorks. Feel free to ask any questions.