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  1. Thanks all. Will look up the Preston lot. Cheers
  2. Can anyone recommned any Canine Fertility centres in North Yorkshire/ North East that do semen extraction and freezing ?
  3. We bring the ferrets into the house once a week and they run around with the kids. The old girl always used to just climb into the gap underneath the cupboards and just stick her head out to watch what was going on. That's where the photo was taken
  4. Well I went to check on the fuzz's yesterday and I found my oldest (and favourite) Jill looking very lethargic. I brought her in the house and set up a box for her, tried to get her to drink, eat, keep her warm, but none of it worked. She didn't make through the night. I have noticed her generally slowing down over the last year, I had retired her from work after this season. I've had her 5 years, given to me by someone who said she was "useless" and she made the one of the best workers I have ever had. I reckon she must have been about 7 or 8 when she died. She was always the most
  5. I took on a 5 year old dog, been around ferrets once of twice but nothing much. I started off putting the muzzle on him and letting the ferrets run around at his feet, held them up to his face and just did that for a couple of weeks. He barely even looked at them during this process. Anyway I took him ferreting a couple of times and each time I tied him up so he could watch the action.....one day he slipped his collar while tied up and ran past me and picked up my best hob and ran off with it. Needless to say, the hob didn’t survive and I would never trust a dog I hadn’t broken from pup now. I
  6. Just been out today and caught a doe that was pregnant already! Jesus it gets earlier and earlier each year. Anyone else had one?
  7. Merry Christmas mate. Roll on those frosty 2021 mornings for ferreting!
  8. Thanks all, I knew it really, just trying to find a reason not to spend another couple of grand!
  9. In general, when its windy, I have a less productive day. Could just be coincidence of course...
  10. Considering an NV or Thermal scope for the rifle. Is it essential to have a spotter as well or is it possible to spot thought the NV or Thermal scope instead?
  11. Saw my first mixxy rabbit this season today, doing a hedgerow that was riddled with mixxy last year but this year barely seen any mixxy which is good. Anyone else noticed less mixxy this year?
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