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  1. What a dog, just my type that
  2. you have done everything you can mate, sometimes it's just out of your control
  3. then i wouldn't have the pleasure of asking and sharing, which is what a forum is all about
  4. Can anyone help me ID this one?
  5. He was still contributing to EDRD right until the last issue, don't know about recent books. His articles were generally my favourite
  6. Like someone else said I thought Darcy or Sleight may have taken it on
  7. Dave is offering all unspent subscription fees back. The final issue explains how to get it
  8. Yeah i was thinking the same! There will be a mad rush for back issues
  9. Very sad news, just received the final issue of Earth Dog - Running Dog. Dave Harcombe is packing it up after 28 years.
  10. Thank you!! Its been driving me mad!
  11. Anyone know what this is, I can't seem to identify it for some reason...
  12. Can anyone identify this..
  13. Yeah I did this last year. I put pebbles in as they like to put their heads under and fish them out
  14. Now I know that during the breeding season Hobs tend to neglect their personal hygiene but this year my hob is disgusting. The fur on his front and bag legs is caked in crap its awful. Does anyone else's Hobs get bad? He has never been like this before. I'm seriously considered giving the smelly twat a bath....anyone got any tips for bathing a ferret!?
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