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  1. Lamper121

    Blood in droppings

    She's all good now, I put it down to the rapid diet change to dry food at the time. The only thing she needs to worry about now is being shagged silly by the hob! Thanks for all your replies.
  2. Lamper121

    Bull greyhound saluki greyhound pup

    Good looking Dog that mate, what is he at the shoulder now?
  3. Lamper121

    Blood in droppings

    My oldest Jill had fresh red blood in her droppings for a couple of days last week. She is a healthy weight and eating and drinking fine; I'd say she was slightly less active than the others but that has been apparent for a while and I put that down to the fact that the other three are only between 8/9 months and just under 2 years old where as she is an old girl. I had changed all of the ferrets' diets last week as I ran out of rabbit and put them on dry food in the interim. I was worried that the change to a dry food had caused her to have harder than usual droppings and was causing the bleeding from her backside. Anyway I moved them back onto fresh rabbit two days ago and kept an eye on her; last night I watched her take a dump and checked and there was no blood, just the usual black tarry type dropping which I would expect on a fresh rabbit diet. Firstly has anyone experienced this before? and was it due to diet? Secondly should I get her to the vets just in case? I'm tempted to segregate her for a day or so I can see if she is still bleeding sometimes.
  4. Lamper121

    Sad day

    sorry to hear that mate, 16 was a good age.
  5. I've just strained out the fruit from some sloe gin and blackberry vodka I've made. Anyone got any recipes using the left over boozey fruit?
  6. Lamper121

    Couple of hours

    Same here, I wouldn't be without my longnets anymore, a bugger to carry sometimes but nothing escapes (well...most of the time!)
  7. Lamper121

    The catcher and the rea

    I think you can only get them from the distributor new. I think they aren't doing a reprint so maybe have to wait for a second hand one to crop up
  8. Lamper121

    The catcher and the rea

    I ordered that book as soon as the Scott Rea advertised it on his YouTube channel, he's a legend. I personally hadn't eaten rabbits for years because the smell just got to me but some of the recipes in there have changed my mind and a few less go to the dogs and ferrets now!
  9. Lamper121

    A family affair

    That's a day to remember mate, well done
  10. Lamper121

    Roll on the morn 😀

    Yep I'll be out, forecast is good for both days so will choose one morning and do this warren under an old sycamore tree ive been eyeing up. Good luck for the weekend mate
  11. Lamper121

    Where to buy decent collar and slip lead

    strong stuff all the way
  12. Lamper121

    Raw dog meat

    Middleton raw dog foods on Ebay. Ive used them for about 18 months now and get 23kg of mince chicken each time, delivered to your door too.
  13. Lamper121

    3 tier hutch

    PetsatHome do good hutches actually, at not bad prices. Otherwise good old EBay
  14. Lamper121

    Hob wont serve Jill.....

    I took her for a jab yesterday's actually, she started looking a bit weak and sluggish and I wasnt risking anything. Discussed it with the vet and we came to the same conclusion as we did on here that the hob probably just lost interest as his balls went back in and her season was fairly late on
  15. Lamper121

    Early Sloes

    I've got some Sloe Gin and Blackberry Vodka on the bubble already