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  1. Sound mate appreciate that off you.. many times I’ve been on here browsing threads from years ago and seen advice from you
  2. Haha I prefer to rip chunks of me hair out When I f**k up mate that way I get abit of pain plus the embarrassment of walking around with bits missing
  3. Think I’ve learned me lesson now mate strictly lead walks with abit of swimming for summer now don’t get me wrong I don’t let him thrash around on hard ground but you never know when the zoomies are gonna kick in
  4. I’m assuming hard ground mate I just noticed he was a little weak standing on his right leg when he’s cocking up for a piss so took him to the bone man. Thanks mate
  5. You just reminded me my old nikes could do with a cleanup & I have punctures to attend to
  6. Thanks mate I appreciate it atleast his feet will be thanking me after all this road work he’s gonna be getting
  7. Just started to get him fit for season and he ends up spraining his hock. Bone man said it’s a minor injury so only 4 weeks on lead just abit of a setback. How are you guys getting ready for the season?
  8. Thanks for your ideas guys. Still undecided ATM but deffo got more of an idea now. Also would only be looking to lamp rabbits
  9. Im looking for a dog for lamping maybe ferreting if I ever get into it but unsure of the breed I should get. I had a collie cross when I was younger so I've got a thing for collies, I'd like to keep some of their traits in my dog. I've been looking at Hancocks collie cross greyhounds but I'm feeling abit uneasy after reading a few things. What sort of dog should I be looking out for guys? I'm open to ideas Thanks
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