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  1. Can test for some things like hips, eye test etc but only hard work will show up other faults. Load of pish the field trial stuff anyway, judged on the c**t at the end of the lead rather than the dog
  2. Maybe so but surely thats down to the trainer tho, who is obviously good at what he does. Will he know that the dog doesn't fit after day hard graft (seen heaps of springers do it) , bad joints/ to sore to go the next day. Only couple years of hard work shows these things up. Give me a pup out of a dog thats out every other day working in the season than 1 out a 8 month "stud " of a big name any day regardless the breed.
  3. Also these lads saying it's a good thing, I presume dont keep dogs anymore. What is good out of a animal becoming "protected"? fs under this perverted Scottish government you'll probs get about 5 year for accidently catching 1
  4. Couldn't be further from the truth , just seen with my own eyes the difference managed areas compared with not managed . All estates av been on prey species flourish so cant just be a coincidence. If the industry was to "collapse" then I think it would be a shame but i personally wouldn't lose to much sleep. In 10- 15 years time there would be big grants and lottery funding to help save some of the species that once thrived on the managed land .
  5. Shawdow100 I think you've watched 1 to many springwatch . I have shooting record books going back to 18th century,and estate I am on isnt a big well know 1.keepers have been about along time. Your going down the whole rewilding pish argument. The shooting industry supplies jobs for thousands of folk directly and many more indirectly and seasonal. Some of these remote areas would have f**k all about them if it wasnt for the shooting estates and definitely f**k all white hares if they went down the whole " rewilding " carry on.
  6. In the 6 years a was there only once did I bump into a lad after a run, it was about this time of year, a said why you running leverts...the usual..." just after a run for ma pup" . A gave him my number and told him to phone me in the winter and he could crack on...that was in the first year a was there and a never heard from him again hope it wasnt you
  7. Sound, good luck to you, sounds like you've found a good spot . As for the keepers with that attitude, there loads of wankers in the industry same as the lurcher game. We will agree to disagree tho that moorland management isnt good for white hares.
  8. New to me, worked in the area for 6 years and can assure you the whites were on the hills that were managed for grouse shooting. Further you got into bits without keepers they were virtually no existent. Think you will find where you walked was keepered or marched onto ground that was.
  9. Shadow100, that's the first time av heard of that. Only time I have seen or heard of whites in any great number are on managed moors.
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