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  1. I'm hoping to get a couple of jills this year and am looking for a hutch for them I've seen lots of the lads use sheds but I just don't have the room in my yard for that so I was wondering if any one could suggest what hutch I should get or put a few pictures up of what you are using cheers
  2. I've always lent into my shot interesting to hear other people find that useful
  3. Using the the tip of my fork as a reference
  4. I've been shooting slingshots for coming up two years and have always aimed with one eye open and one closed untill a month ago when I stared opening both eyes when I shoot . The difference is amazing I was hitting the target 5 out of 10 times but now I'm on target 8 out of 10 times has anyone else had a similar experience.
  5. Like has been said befor the wasp uniphox is spot on. also wasp dose the imp what is a small frame so may be easier for a kid to use and you can buy it in a tin with BBS and bands .https://www.waspslingshots.co.uk/product-page/wasp-imp-bb-shooting-kit-boxed-with-accessories
  6. Just wondering if anyone thinks the weather conditions and the time of day has any influence on how successful a ferreting trip you have or dose it not really matter.
  7. That dog is something else really knows it's job
  8. Just wondering if anyone regularly ferrets just using ferrets and a dog and no nets I have seen a few videos of people doing it and it looks good fun as it really makes the dog work to catch every rabbit bolted.
  9. I am in the process of making a complaint and hopefully get my stuff back but at the time they said they would be taking it and I didn't make any fuss about it as I thought they were acting with in there rights.
  10. I was out walking my lucher though some common ground that boarders some farm land a few weeks back. I got back the to car and there was 2 police cars waiting for me one of the cops said they had reports of a lurcher running about the place I said they tend to do that when you are playing fetch with them.anyway they searched me and my car and this idiot had left some bushcraft gear in the car so that got confiscated. but what really annoyed me was the police officer said if I was up there with my terrier doing the same thing they wouldn't of bothered coming out. this was police from Bourne
  11. Most farm shops stock it I guess they would get it locally what's a bonus
  12. That's what I wanted to hear that they didn't slip. Off the subject how do you find the green gzk shoots in cold weather I've tried the black stuff befor but didn't get on with it
  13. Just wondering if anyone has used the new band clips for the uniphox and if so how you are getting on with them
  14. https://barks.in/mudhol-hound/ I found this what was interesting
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