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  1. I have a collie x whip x grey I've had about a year she's doing OK apart from two problems. one problem leads off the other. The main issue is when I slip her on a rabbit if the rabbit is not running she will freeze staring at it with one paw raised then when the rabit eventually takes a run for it. it's got the advantage and hits tthe hedge by the time she's snaped out of it What brings me on to the next issue. the rabbit hits the hedge she's running behind it starts hunting up around the hedge what scares off anything in the next feild I can get her back normaly on the first or second call just a bit frustrating. I don't have the problems if the rabbit is running she's Been ferreting once with a friend and she caught all butlers take her out bushing with my bedlington again she will catch anything that runs and she's did OK lamping as long as the rabbit wasn't squating. everytime she's caught something she's brought it back to me so I no she can do job. it's probably something I'm doing wrong as the two I have now are my first dogs I've worked so any advice would be bang on cheers lads [allso I have tryed lamping her with no lead to see if she would run on squatters as soon as I lit them up but she wouldn't do it]
  2. I have two dogs a collie x whippet x greyhound and a bedlington terrier they are both 14 months old and are a work in progress (especially the terrier) I want to get them working as a pack when I am out on a mooch as when I'm out with them at the moment they both hunt up in opposite directions duno if anyone has any ideas how I can achieve this
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