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  1. I am in the process of making a complaint and hopefully get my stuff back but at the time they said they would be taking it and I didn't make any fuss about it as I thought they were acting with in there rights.
  2. I was out walking my lucher though some common ground that boarders some farm land a few weeks back. I got back the to car and there was 2 police cars waiting for me one of the cops said they had reports of a lurcher running about the place I said they tend to do that when you are playing fetch with them.anyway they searched me and my car and this idiot had left some bushcraft gear in the car so that got confiscated. but what really annoyed me was the police officer said if I was up there with my terrier doing the same thing they wouldn't of bothered coming out. this was police from Bournemouth maybe if they were rural police force I may of got to leave with my bush craft gear. I don't think I will be going back there in a hurry.
  3. Most farm shops stock it I guess they would get it locally what's a bonus
  4. That's what I wanted to hear that they didn't slip. Off the subject how do you find the green gzk shoots in cold weather I've tried the black stuff befor but didn't get on with it
  5. Just wondering if anyone has used the new band clips for the uniphox and if so how you are getting on with them
  6. https://barks.in/mudhol-hound/ I found this what was interesting
  7. Has anyone got any advice on how to keep lurchers teeth clean there long jaws make it really difficult to keep the back teeth clean
  8. That's one of the video that got me interested in the dog they do look epic
  9. I've been looking at different sighthounds on the internet at work, when it's not busy, and have come across the Indian breed of dog called the mudhol hound also known as the caravan hound. Everything I read about them online makes them sound good. They say they are easy to train, loyal, excellent stamina and extremely fast. Also I have seen videos of them jumping huge fence's, so I was wondering if anyone on here has had first hand experience with the breed.
  10. I went out Sunday night even though it was less than perfect conditions and gave the filter a go but like you two have said it ended up more hassle than it was worth so it went back in the bag after about half an hour
  11. Last year I was lamping without a filter I was hoping to go out this week and try out the red filter that came with the lamp just wanted to know if it is best to spot the rabbits with the red light then slip the dog then switch to white light or just keep the filter on and run the rabbit on the red light
  12. What is people opinion on the best cross for a decent lurcher used purely for rabbits day or night
  13. Was Just wondering if there is anyone on here around the the Dorset / Hampshire border working lurchers I'm new to all this so would be good if I could get to know people my area that are doing the same thing cheers
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