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  1. Yea mate i remember it. He had loads of videos on Facebook or on his phone aswel and they banned him from keeping dogs and had him for running dog next to car. Anything they could throw at him they did. Wankers
  2. Some guy was in court and got f****d for doing it. Lost license propper f****d him over.
  3. Now if you want to have your dog like it’s had a stage 1 remap. Give your dog some red cell blood tonic supplement. Have it banging out the kennels doing 50 laps of your lawn, back end sliding out ready to roll. Bit like when your younger and you tried your first E
  4. Seen an episode on dog whisperer once and they used shock collars on dog as soon as they become fixated on a snake. It’s to stop them attacking them if they come across one and to stay away. Seemed to work in that case.
  5. Can’t beat that Cinnamon though mucker ??? You know you got it right when there is a nice little squeeze to push it out ???
  6. Exactly. Not had a decent biscuit feed yet. Tons of shit to pick up or scoop up. Comes out like chicken Korma all the time. Take dogs for a walk and they squirting out there arses everywhere. Move onto raw and the shits become solid. A lot less of it and it keeps the anal glands clear. Found chicken seems to be better than beef. Salmon oils definitely gives that coat a healthy shine. If you want a performance dog feed it performance fuel ?
  7. Well lads my inbox has been going mental. Thanks for gettin word out. Got one on trial next week. She’s from good stock so hopefully she make the grade. atb ?
  8. Hahaha your telling me, you feeling alright ???
  9. Cinnamon is good for putting a back on a dog? ?
  10. Right lads getting abit peckish. I’m after a bitch I can take lamping... Driving license preferred but not essential. she must be keen on but don’t want teeth. Nearly severed the main vein last one. she needs to be clean inside the clothes but don’t mind abit of a farm girl. Jodhpurs, heavy upstairs kind of girl. Just enough shake on’t rear end, we don’t mind. just a nice lass can take dogs out with. Slip the roger on her couple of times a week that would be grand. must be discreet as got lady at home and she frowns upon this kind of thing. Let me know lads.
  11. I tried to use a collar to stop a dog paying too much attention to other male dogs and in turn try to stop attacking. Didn’t work very well dog must of thought the other dog did the shock and attacked it ?
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