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  1. I tried to use a collar to stop a dog paying too much attention to other male dogs and in turn try to stop attacking. Didn’t work very well dog must of thought the other dog did the shock and attacked it
  2. Not a pack of hounds on horseback but just a few in a bobbery pack. Just seeing how the professionals keep their hounds on the right track and off other scents rather than running everything they pick up on the nose.
  3. Right ok, really appreciate the input lads. Not true what they say about you lot
  4. Has anyone got any tips on keeping hounds off rabbits, deer etc and keeping it on just wanted prey?
  5. I’ve found males to be a pain with other males. Bitches seem to to be more chilled and less fights in my experience. Again could just be them individual dogs. I do lean towards a bitch myself now though.
  6. Looking at building some new kennels just after some idea’s. Few pics of your setup? cheers
  7. Hahaha wow check the ego on you you dog god! May the crowd bow in your presence
  8. Summer is the only time mine catch
  9. I want a nice little puppy wuppy
  10. Nice mate how are these bred again mate
  11. Don’t breed for sentiment. It’s how shit dogs get bred. If it’s got a known fault it’s not worth breeding off. Think you know this deep down because you asked the question.
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