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  1. Hahaha wow check the ego on you you dog god! May the crowd bow in your presence
  2. Summer is the only time mine catch
  3. I want a nice little puppy wuppy
  4. Nice mate how are these bred again mate
  5. Don’t breed for sentiment. It’s how shit dogs get bred. If it’s got a known fault it’s not worth breeding off. Think you know this deep down because you asked the question.
  6. It’s no problem Black Neck. We like people talking differently it’s interesting if we were all the same this forum would be pretty boring.
  7. Won’t pass your NVQ Level 2 in hunting without knowing the lingo bud
  8. Ok it’s time for a little break now. After the break we have more Talks about the famous Jukels, Women and bunny porn. Stay tuned here on The Hunting Life...Cut!
  9. I think what your saying is that it ticks boxes on a subconscious level which then gives you the “feeling” of how good a dog is...or woman I agree with you. We do try to work out things from a rational point of view but there is always the “x factor” and this factor normally overrides any rational thinking. The gut instinct you could call it. You just know when you know . Like a spiritual awakening. The aaaaah!
  10. Hahaha I’m not taking the credit for that one. What a course though. That dog is one to breed from boys. Excellent “Jukel”
  11. Only started noticing it the last week or so. I thought “I might get a Jukel cross, these old boys keep mentioning em” hahaha prefer the 5/8 3/8s as got to water down that Jukel abit or ends up abit heavy like
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