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  1. ROM1


    I disagree I think the dog does know how deep it is
  2. So GM sells a spewer, and blames DH for talking him into selling it. Did DH breed the whiskey dog, and is there not an old thread on here about GM selling a dog called Jet to RS that belonged to another lad, and was that dog not a spewer also
  3. Baker Boy did you see the dog spew or is it hearsay, and did GM breed the dog
  4. I stopped getting the mag when a well known dog thief was all over it. £700 for a spewer, what was the name of the dog and who bought it
  5. ROM1

    John Park terriers

    Ye your right the dog was born a long time ago his dame was a bitch called Meghan. I know how he was bred was just interested to know how the Ted dog worked. didnt a lot of old timers who bred bulls or terriers look on putty nose pups as week and pts at birth
  6. ROM1

    John Park terriers

    Old thread but does anyone know of a red dog called Ted was sire to a friends dog bred by the fireman just before he was killed on the road, apparently Ted was to go to Australia.
  7. ROM1

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    How sure are you, that is Spartacus,s dame????
  8. ROM1

    Punch lines

    Looking for pup bred by SB or from his line of dog if possible PM. Shy boys don’t get any sweets
  9. ROM1

    2016 Season Ends

    I also had a poor season mik was on the orchy last week of the season, but no water river was showing its bones got a couple of days on the Nith end of November so fingers crossed
  10. ROM1


    Cracking fish mate
  11. Bobby do you remember a dog called Spider yer and a dog called bliztsWasn't both them dogs spider / blitz bred by AC different spider the dog I'm on about was out of Smithy x Nancy and was owned by Billy M. The dog ended up in Devon with MD
  12. Bobby do you remember a dog called Spider
  13. Moving is not an option tilly, family etc. My mates just back from the mud river region, and though they had a good time catching bull trout, and salmon they said they prefered the Fraser river area fishing for salmon, and sturgeon. 2 other lads I know fished Charlotte island landing 2 fish of 47&42lb, but you need to fly in on a sea plane
  14. I had 17 chinook up to the weight of 27lb, and lost a few, anything over 30lb is classed as a Tyee. That fish was one I had when I went out with my wife for a couple of hours as she wanted to see the orcas/whales. I am already planing my next trip this time ucluelet/tofino or Charlotte island lol can't make my mind up
  15. Was in Vancouver island September 2015 fishing out of painters lodge. The fishing, and the wildlife was awesome, at onetime I was playing a chinook, and a humpback whale jumped out the water 50ft from the boat, also watched a pod of orcas hunting a pod of dolphins. I also fished the fly in Campbell river for pink salmon, and lost count the amount of fish I had. The down side was I left my phone with all my Picts in a budget hire car, and the women in their office told me she had it and would send it back to me. Many phone calls, and emails I'm still wating a year later. Here's a chinook I had painters lodge