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  1. Well I'm absolutely frozen , wouldn't think it's July more like November. Nothing showed up so I've gone back to car to put my hoodie on and get warmed up. Will have a look out soon with the lamp.
  2. A roe has just appeared in the next field unfortunately it's a doe....
  3. Curlews just keep mobbing me and sounding off the alarm call..
  4. Out for a wander to see if any fields cut and just found this so hopefully might turn up
  5. Don't know how you sit and do that , like watching paint dry
  6. It was fine out to about 40 yds but then shooting noticeably high. For example I shot at a rabbit at around eighty yards off the bipod , took my time and knew I was 100 % perfect on it only to see bullet strike high ...really frustrating. I then shot at another rabbit about the same distance off my sticks but aimed just under it and knocked it over ......
  7. Yesterday evening saw me having another outing with the HMR. A few fields cut but not many rabbits about as I was expecting .As the light started to fade a few more were showing but still not the numbers I had expected. I am still getting used to this rifle but found missed quite a few shoots with the rifle shooting high. The rifle is only zeroed at around 30 yards as I read that a 25 yard zero equals an 1/2 drop at 100 yds ....not what I found . I was shooting at a few rabbits at between eighty and 100 yds and missed every one over the top so next 100 yarder I aimed very low and h
  8. Good luck Tim . I wouldnt pay £330 to shoot a 6 pointer but I suppose plenty might
  9. Your OK its Durham force that are the problem ...Cleveland and Northumberland are ok.
  10. Iwould get it in now...you need the medical certificate too remember
  11. Seeing as I cant legally buy ammo I dont think I could receive it from anyone else as they would just let me buy it in the first place. Strangely though I can stock up before my extension ends and use it legally .....the whole thing is crazy. Just wish I had my certs just for peace of mind as it has just been lingering on in my mind for 6 months now...
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