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  1. .243 lead free bullets are already available mate from 55grn to eighty and 90 grn. .243 works fine on large deer , it has been used since the 60s on large deer like the North American Elk so no need to change. In England just use the eighty or ninety grain which is fine. In Scotland at the moment there is consultation to reduce the minimum legal requirement of 100 grn for large deer . I will continue to use lead until the day that it is not legal....whenever that may be.
  2. Your duck flight was much more successful than mine . Got an invite yesterday, lads have been watching 60+ coming in , just my luck nothing Anyway went lamping afterwards and got a vixen
  3. I know mate , last 3 I have shot have given away and the rest are dog food. Let me know when you are culling at end of season and I will give you a hand
  4. I wouldn't grumble mate sounds like a cracking permission . Small gesture to butcher a deer I wouldn't think twice. I am hopeful tonight of getting a couple, 1 is on my mates trailcam regularly
  5. I saw a few Scottish Wildcats years ago when stalking near Forfar . At that time I think there was a good population in that area.
  6. Good going mate , wish I could get 99 , on 44 so far but out tonight doing a few spots. My target is 50 for the year , be happy if I get that.
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