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  1. Good luck Tim . I wouldnt pay £330 to shoot a 6 pointer but I suppose plenty might
  2. Your OK its Durham force that are the problem ...Cleveland and Northumberland are ok.
  3. Iwould get it in now...you need the medical certificate too remember
  4. Seeing as I cant legally buy ammo I dont think I could receive it from anyone else as they would just let me buy it in the first place. Strangely though I can stock up before my extension ends and use it legally .....the whole thing is crazy. Just wish I had my certs just for peace of mind as it has just been lingering on in my mind for 6 months now...
  5. Beggars belief mate , it's a straight forward renewal with no changes etc. Had FAC 35 years ....its a joke
  6. Just emailed them to ask for a timescale ....reply was no idea but will be months not weeks...I despair
  7. Just received a voicemail from FEO saying that as my extension expires on 13 July he has issued temporary permits now which means I can still use my guns legally but not allowed to buy any ammo. What is going on , my renewal has been in since January
  8. Very sad , an amazing woman RIP
  9. Good spot SD ....its right eye was bust , sunken right in
  10. Well after getting home from the pigeons my mate messaged to say are you coming out tonight. So off I went over to his and up to his ground. Still windy so not ideal but nice to be out . Saw 3 does and 1 spiker buck who just evaded us by slinking into a wood..... I then decided to check out a gulley where I know is a decent buck , the light was fading now but I spotted a fox trotting along the opposite bank so I told my mate to get ready on sticks as I needed to stop it before it disappeared. The obligatory OI stopped it in its tracks and my mate dropped it at around 120 yds ...
  11. I tried for those woodies today but the wind spoilt the day. The only place I could set up was with the wind wrong so I had a 20 mph wind in my face blowing the hide all over and really annoying me. The birds wouldnt decoy and were screaming over very high with the wind up their arse.... I never shot very well either but did pull off some crackers too Managed 26 in the end but couldn't pick most of them due to dropping in cover. Anyway beats sitting in the house
  12. Looks like a brilliant night .... Obviously got a big fox problem, no numbers like that round here. Saving a lot of ground nesting birds
  13. I've just checked out some barley fields and its nice and milky now. There was about 200 woodies dropping in to a flat patch so will give it a go tomorrow
  14. If you want to try for some foxes tonight give me a ring mate
  15. Got a farmer well trained now ...if he rings me and says theres loads of pigeons or crows there will be. Last couple of years been great. Rang me last year to say hundreds of geese about so I went there expecting seeing a couple....christ there was 300 in the field
  16. A rabbit is a rabbit doesn't matter what colour it is.
  17. Strange , shot all colours including black , ginger,silver , grey , white patches and myxy ones
  18. Used to use Sellier and Bellot cartridges years ago when I used to shotgun a lot of rabbits .. brilliant cartridges.
  19. Used them before , I've had no issues
  20. Plenty black ones around these parts
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