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  1. I think a lot to do with dogs is how u bring them on iv seen people break dogs that would of done everything just pushing them to early all the best
  2. Lol that’s 100 percent right not gunna be able to run to heavy bred for other stuff and the dog was 18 months and bitch 19 months she’s having them now so see how many it is scan sed about 3 to 4 pups
  3. So the tying part is just what some people say works both ways she’s ready to drop in a couple of days so will soon see how many thanks mate
  4. I’ve always had dogs tie over the years while breeding I put a greyhound over my presa bitch for own use cut a long story short twice the dog put stuff in but didn’t tie on different days had her scanned a week ago 3 to 4 pups when a dog ties and don’t tie do it make a difference on how many pups there are
  5. 2 and a half I bought a chocolate pat off the same man a dog 3 year old same time not as good
  6. God noes just stuck for a dog two weeks ago one of the boys knew someone that was getting out of them and just got it was guaranteed so took a chance and she’s very hard in ground
  7. My buddy just bought in two nice digging dogs game as can be one more for foxes tho proper patterdale how they should be tame rats to get them going shit
  8. Following on nice now just need a rabbit to cross her path in cover with the bitch
  9. 13 weeks old mark first earth today hopefully will by flying in a few weeks
  10. That would take some stopping in open field deerhound bull greyhounds weaton bull crosses I don’t care what cross I would like to see it
  11. Fallow stags seen don single handed and seeker red stags different ball game
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