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  1. A rutting deer stands more to fight big reds won’t run at all just kill all the dogs ? and as far as Salukis go ok for roe no good for fallow
  2. The rutting one is easier to catch ???
  3. Bull will kill hares but far from a hare dog I would run on anything thing else what part of the country are u from
  4. Mc hull ? I’m not going to run a bull greyhound with a saluki dog on hares I’d run you on anything else though roe deer fallow seeker and any teeth you like we aren’t all clowns mate your the only one I’ve heard of that thinks one dog suits all ground you know your stuff mate ??
  5. Saluki cross only good for hare and a roe no good for nothing else lot more sport with a bull cross
  6. I can run my dog a matter of fact three four dogs out a few mile up the road on hares rabbits buddy and myself mate I’m running bull x more sport on the lamp and what more would I want to run ?
  7. Take the best coursing dogs off the fen on to small land and they will miss more than the fen they won’t throw for the hare fast enough it will be gone through and mate you keep on about wales mountains I’d have more fun around here in a night than you would have in a week rabbits hares foxes pigs right on the door and boar and deer 10 mile away roe mud jack and fallow what ever I wanna run ?
  8. I know what your saying mate the small dogs haven’t got the legs or wind for the fen but it works the other way as well we’re the big dogs need the time to settle behind the hare
  9. I like a good strong dog myself got to be sharp not course a hare plodding behind it for 6/7 minutes
  10. No one said that but I am saying the big saluki crosses need the ground to settle in they don’t run as good on smaller ground why do all the top coursing men run on the fen the dogs need the land I aren’t saying they can’t kill on small ground but they will miss alot more on it
  11. Mate I’ve seen good dogs miss hares on small land and run a lot better on big land half the time the dogs take the hare a field over and you can’t see shit
  12. Brain do kill the hare ? a good dog don’t let a hare run on when it gets behind them stop box stop box most coursing men do run big land that’s a fact the dogs need the land to stop the hares
  13. Can’t beat seeker dear bigger than roe not so strong as fallow
  14. Can’t be inbred shite mate there winning tournament ?
  15. Look at the top coursing dogs mate look like plodders to me they need big land lot of the boys won’t bet other than the fen need the ground to kill
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