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  1. Someone I used to work with bought one brand new, he got it home from the dealership and his kids said "Dad, are you having a fire?" he opened the front door to find it engulfed in flames. He took the handbrake off and rolled it into the lane and it burnt out before the fire crew could get there. On the flip side I know someone else who's had one from new too with crazy mileage on the clock, its been loved and abused in equal measure and its still going strong.
  2. Falconry is a difficult nut to crack because it has so many grandfather rights and so much protection. All the falcons commonly used in falconry are classed as both captive and wild falcons and killing them is in direct conflict with the 1982 countryside and wildlife act, if they are killed it is a criminal offence not civil and the case is treated as if a wild falcon has been shot. On top of that they have protection as a captive entity with female peregrine falcons now worth around £3000.00 if anything happens to them such as the incident with the shoot last year that shot someones falcon th
  3. Ireland isn't Britain and from memory they've always had a season on Pigeons.
  4. http://www.wiggmansburg.co.uk Diana is a GWP enthusiast and has been running them for a long time from a long line she's developed. I spoke to Rory Major once, he wasn't someone I'd want to deal with to be honest. Jakk
  5. I own a GS bred from DDR lines from a straight-backed uk female and an imported male. She's a joy to be honest, I was a little worried she wasn't sharp enough as we bought her to look after our property. She's as soft as anything with the family, she's really gentle and sedate with my nine month old daughter despite the fact that normally she's a bit of a boisterious goon but we had someone lurking around the property six months ago and she turned into a different dog and without doubt she would go to war with little provocation in that situation. I think temperament is a difficult thing to ju
  6. Ive fed all sorts. I used to use tripe and beef but it was a nightmare when I was away from home with them. I switched to kibble in 2016 and I've used kronch, beta, chudleys and dr Johns. I would possibly switch to CSJ if I had reason to try another brand. I actually find my dogs do really well on dr johns. I put a jug of boiling water and chicken stock over each. Allow it to soak in and cool down.
  7. Id go with either a HWV or something else to think about a Braque Francois Pyrenees (not the Gascogne) both are very capable and very owner-centric. I would avoid Brittany's like the plague I've never seen an outstanding one yet. GWP are fantastic dogs but they have a real aggressiveness to them I've known four cases like this, two turned into confirmed sheep killers and the other two killed their own siblings for absolutely no reason (reviewed by cctv) having been kennelled together for many years. They are also quite ploddy compared to the lighter HPR's.
  8. I haven't run lurchers in a long time however I do run English Pointers now and I can offer this advice on brands and kibble; Kronch - cold pressed salmon based kibble. The best I've used but once I expanded my kennel I was using two bags a week and couldn't justify it at £45 a bag. I would rear all my pups on the Optimal/ puppy kibble however. Chudleys- working crunch/ classic/ performance/ salmon I used chudleys in its various forms for three years its good but the dogs don't always find it palatable which makes feeding them a 'mare. Beta maintenance- rubbish, my pointer
  9. All the Brittany's Ive seen have lived with e collars on in the field and would fight any other dog in the area. They don't handle particularly well but they are nice as a house dog if kept by themselves. I had one for a friend as he was short on time and it was ok but they aren't as good as a good setter or spaniel and they don't train at the same rate. I'd consider a English setter, best of luck, jakk
  10. I think at this stage with continual opposition to fieldsports in general. What we are saying here is that there is a large amount of cheap free range meat with most shoots having limited outlets and disposal of the meat being the main issue. Why aren't BASC and Countryside Alliance etc making it available to homeless shelters etc the PR aspect would be fantastic for all sports and would curtail any argument that the animal rights groups aim towards us in regards to the spin they put on game being shot on mass. It could surely be a fantastic opportunity for all fieldsports?
  11. Hi everyone, does anyone know of a reliable lead free pellet in .177? regards Jakk
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm based in Retford, North Nottinghamshire but travel to Sleaford and Lincoln most days for work. I'm looking for a supplier of dead trapped/ lead free Squirrels. I run a sizeable falcon breeding project and so would be happy to take large amounts as and when I could get them. They have to be absolutely lead free due to lead even in small quantities being highly toxic to all falcons so would probably be better out of fenn traps etc willing to pay 80p each no matter how many. If anyone wants to sell them, feel feel to PM me to arrange collection, Jakk
  13. I live ten mins from Drumlanrig Castle and looking into buccleugh spaniels too. They are just a kennel, they actually specialise in labs from the oldest unbroken lines in the uk but they also run cockers and springers, Jakk
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