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  1. big sid


    a lot of mary whitehouses in here. thank feck i'm normal
  2. be great if he got it, imagine the teacher saying to bring your pets into class
  3. theirs a baby bison going a begging
  4. i love patel, but your right about braverman in fact you'd have to be a braverman than me to like her.
  5. big sid


    pope says even nuns watch porn, they told me they were doing press ups the fly gits
  6. will i get discount when i mention your name
  7. reason for it buddy, wilf would be the leader and do the talking(he does that a lot) and get us a good deal on a nice plot, gnasher well it obvious he would be head of security (do i need to say) mackem is so well travelled he would do the geographical bits(tours and away days) so their ya go buddy all picked for a reason.
  8. big sid


    i'd have went mental if i'd gone
  9. must be plenty room where theyre coming from so why dont we send wilf gnasher mackem there and they can set up a nice wee resort for the rest of us.
  10. big sid


    you must be 106yr old to gained the experiences youve had.
  11. big sid


    you'll be telling me ultravox is your fav group and you and wee midge are mates and had a wee smoke when your were younger.
  12. big sid


    change your name to mr google
  13. big sid


    see you boy your to smart for your own good.
  14. big sid


    had a few fords did an anglia with an engine from a corsair 2000e engine pop rear axle wide spats fuel tank in the rear seat base, had to pick away in second as it just bounced on the spot when wellied in first, had a capri brand spanking, and on old corsair that i did the big ends in but lucky a local joiner brought his van to me with a loud tapping noise and someone advised him it was fecked and needed a new engine which he had bought and was in the back of the van, of course it would have been very rude to disagree with the local expert and tell him it was a tappit that had run loose so i d
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