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  1. big sid

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    the point is he would be conning his wife in many ways and its not hard to love your child but he puts it like he would have sacrificed himself so lets all say poor gareth
  2. big sid

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    dont suppose you can help it if your gay but the cnut said if he had a child he wouldnt have come out and lived a lie to his wife child and family and friends. to me he is trying to make himself a victim.
  3. big sid

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    no your right but it wasnt for the want of trying his wife had three miscarriages.
  4. big sid

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    must have been more difficult for his wife and children
  5. big sid

    Scottish weather

    you not man enough to handle scotland thats why you slag it as much so f**k of and stay in england and practise your morris dancing
  6. big sid

    Scottish weather

  7. big sid


    your a prick
  8. big sid


    suspending parliament has been deemed illegal by a scottish court
  9. big sid


    boris has to go for an extension or break the law he will probably resign and corbyn will do his we stint and then get a vote of no confidence and then an election which boris would hope to win (no walk in the park )but if he managed he would surely have a majority with which he could manage to get his own way of course he will need help (nigel) but its not going to be straight forward or soon.
  10. big sid


    problem is getting an election under the circumstances is nigh near impossible
  11. big sid


    i thought the other parties had to agree to an election before we have one.
  12. big sid


    its all but over we wont leave, boris has went down a deadend and has to give up or reverse, even his little brother has deserted him the snidy cnut
  13. big sid

    Flute band

    all has silly as this wench
  14. big sid


    wirrrel countryman or something like that used to be on here and if half of what he claimed about his plummers were true i'd have one
  15. big sid


    this has a long way to run before we get out, theyre looking for an injunction to stop it before the parliament can debate it and no doubt they will try everthing fair and unfair to keep us in.