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  1. grass the lot and drink the money
  2. big tyson will do a good job on the tarmac but you will need to wait till he finishes a job on mr wilder
  3. big sid

    Here we go.

    stayed in kilcock for a little while in the far distant past, and worked in cashel hotel when i was a young teenager, spent 10 days in the matter hospital in dublin when i was a young lad was over to watch the greyhound derby in shelbourne park but dislocated my knee having a kickabout with my dad and uncle the day before so never saw it, yellow printer won it. ment to say i remember all those place as really nice with lovely people.
  4. haw cnut theres worse than the brig try airdrie
  5. big sid

    Here we go.

    well the new years started with a bang
  6. big sid


    long way to go yet so dont dispair, two head to heads will decide the league
  7. big sid


    no mate i suffered 5 yes 5 heart attacks in the space of a week got a triple by pass and was good for a few years then had a small stroke but recovered well i have angina but i still run my own business and work seven days most weeks still get out digging when i can (work gets in the road) although not very good on the spade as it causes chest pain and breathlessness but i still enjoy it
  8. big sid


    been on ramipril 10mg since 2006 also on nicorandil 30mg twice a day zemtard 300xl clopidogrel 75mg atorvastatin 80mg my blood pressure still rises to an alarming high but have had 24hr monitors on a few times and it seems to be when i exercise or get stressed but the rest of the time its at a decent level and theirs no tablet the works only when exercising
  9. newcastle brown ale label often used as a disc in the seventies
  10. united but would put up with a catholic ireland as its theirs, like wings said give ireland back to the irish
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