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  1. did but what were the offences he was supposed to have done and what has the 57yr old woman done.
  2. aye some bonnie sights in alba
  3. i wont go on about it as we most certainly see it from different angles,
  4. if a migrant or a black lad with nothing but nothing people would be screeming about deporting him but because he's a top young footie with man u he gets defended, man u moved him out because he is guilty and didnt sack him cos he's worth millions.
  5. he was charged the charges were later dropped when witness changed their story in my mind money changed the story and money is why she is still there
  6. yes he was charged with attempted rape , controlling behaviour, and assault,
  7. your probably correct but if and its a big IF what he was accused of is right its hardly a daft mistake.
  8. but will the fans and sponcers
  9. think you can still get them
  10. tried eating a yorkie bar or a toblerone after its been frozen,
  11. i love them danny boy, then a mars bar, whole nut, nuts and raisin then curly wurly and a cheeky wee caramac.
  12. quite like a bounty, used to win coconuts at the shows (fairground)
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