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  1. nearly right pete, it was mike watson who set fire to the curtains and was first to bring a fox hunting bill to ban it in scotland he was also caught cheating on his wife at the same time as the bill was been voted on.
  2. we all agree on part of having a dof but stiffy wants rafa to do it from five thousand miles away, now its a big job that celtic have to get right and while theirs a few that could do it its unlikely as celtic's board are very money conscious and would boak at having to pay two wages when one would suffice
  3. big sid


    never seen live lobster in our supermarkets, are we not allowed or am i not looking in the right places
  4. big sid


    £60 thats a weeks shopping in lidil's
  5. aresene wenger once said he didnt know what a dof did, many clubs nearly always big clubs seem to either have them or talk about appointing one and their role seems to vary from club to club as how much influence they have, so while it does seem to be on paper at least a good move having one thats nearly five thousand miles away is imo not something that would benefit celtic.
  6. you seem to think you know more about me than i do, perhaps i am dull but i am no fan of the green brigade, i put the messi quote up in the same way i put up anything good for celtic, to suggest otherwise is wrong but its your opinion and your entitled to it, the two men you mention have both been good at their job when at celtic but their time has passed and i would prefer a young forward thinking manager but i believe they have been mentioned as stop gap till the end of the season,as for the rangers yes i have shared a bit of banter with my friends who happen to be gers fans as well as some
  7. big sid


    never had them do they taste like mussels or whelks
  8. yes i do know your not the only one on here that knows,who said anything about been friends with anyone,if the type of football is kicking them all over the park perhaps you should get the likes of terry hurlock to be manager,it wouldnt cost the earth to bring rafa back from china where he is on something like 10mill a year. it seems anything or at least most things i post about celtic you disagree with but i dont know if its the content or me you object to so i will post what i think and you can ignore me and my posts.
  9. i was having a bit of fun with that, thought it would have been obvious
  10. rafa as manager yes but no chance he's on stupid money, keane dont think is style or temper is for the modern game where the boys are made of china and break easy,i agree a young modern type like DAVY MOYES.
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