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  1. gnash if there doing ok up till january will the board buy in the transfer window or stick with what theyve got i keep a little bit of an eye on them but wouldnt know, although from what i see of them on tv (not a lot)they could do with some steel in mid field maybe a strong tackling defensive mid and a strong target man come striker.
  2. gnash i reckon you will get a top six and euro footie again, if injuries dont get in the way theirs no need to think not, i wonder where brighton will finish
  3. him and st john were very good together, rip jimmy
  4. in that season celtic won every competition they entered all five of them, celtic also got the final again in 1970,
  5. made this out of a tree trunk using a pen knife and a nail file
  6. seeing as some are showing off their woodworking skills heres one i made in 2013 so if anyone needs some signs or the like just let me know and i will do mates rates
  7. yip lost again, it was a good game but two up and beat four three we have a very poor defense and i dont see it getting better till the january transfer window, but the managers system seems to be high press and everybody attacks. i take it the glee you show when celtic get beat that your gers man, i see their fans have smashed the lyon coach outside their hotel.
  8. do you bring your modern game inside for the colder months, are the miniature more likely to suffer more than the full size birds.
  9. you could help newkid on his next project, in fact if that was any better it would be to good.
  10. you never miss your mothers love till she's buried beneath the clay,...........................the words of an old song
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