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  1. did you get your sofa from dfs
  2. my lot would have a good crack at it.
  3. wilf wrap up the ribbons put the cd's back in the covers cos bridesmaid fc lost, edinburgh zoo hyena's thought i was laughing to much, doctor has told me my ribs are not broke but not to replay the game just in case.
  4. what goes beep beep, the rangers open top bus reversing back into the garage,
  5. cant believe you think i would do that,(sitting here with a red face) in fact i can only shake my head in disbelief
  6. dont fnking bother, ive also been up since before sun up ans so far ive said a rosary to st joeseph st pat, st andrew, and our lady of lourdes and ive told god if he grants me this wish i will be good for ever and ever, please dont let them win. i hope the ref's a tim.if you do win it will be the masons that done it.
  7. every fkn rangers fan on the planet unless they get gubbed
  8. sit closer to it you will never notice its not the big one
  9. its the league we play in so and the other lot are in the 2nd biggest final and fav's to win it
  10. someone should tell the fecking fox that took our blanche on sun as she is badly missed and we will offer him a reward
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