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  1. anyone old enough to remember the two steer rings on the truck tyres, a friend was blowing the tyre up when the rings blew off he had to have a metal plate in his head and he lost an eye.
  2. yes they were a good team with the sas, sutton was at celtic with larsson they were very good. yes they were in a good place and well funded, souness managed them and said his team were men compared to the boys of celtic when they met in europe yet celtic hammered them, loved it.
  3. yes they were a good team with the sas, sutton was at celtic with larsson they were very good.
  4. he must be distraught still as max would say play the youngsters
  5. kept smart terriers cant say how they worked mick r who he was friendly with would tell you more
  6. he is slower than than a fecking sloth the good thing is we have him on a season's loan then he back to you.
  7. max can feck off when the adults are talking, yip stiffy not a lover of the gb just another wee pic, although i agree about some of your rant i feel the defence is our biggest let down,the derry donkey is a two million loan for a season and should be back on the beach wee pingpong doesnt know how to defend and he plays as a wing back, our two ch's were midfielders that we use as centre backs,rogic can play the 10 role but more than not he is of the boil or injured christie is a good player but wants to do everything, i wanted to win the league for me the team and for the other fans plus it would be another record for the hoops but we are not good enough and the gers have done really well to get were they are.
  8. feck sake 2=2 against the mighty hibs , no ten in a row.
  9. just wee random pics newkid not ment for anyone
  10. leed's are rumoured to be looking at steven gerrard as a replacement for their manager who would only sign a years contract and its up soon.
  11. gnasher were you to young to be at bobby moores testie, i wasnt there but my dad was and he said we (celtic) were by far the better team but that your lot made a good game coming back three times from behind and it was no friendly when the lads crossed the line, said that bobby mooore did a speech and was delighted that a team of celtic's stature turned out for him. another testie and i was at it was ron yeats in 74 at liverpool when we won 4=1 bobby charlton played for us that day
  12. you havent quite got the knack of heading a ball have you.
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