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  1. Could you please ring me about the wheaten cross Phil thanks 07712167851
  2. Do u still have the wheaton bull lurcher
  3. Do u still have the wheaten bull lurcher?
  4. Do u still have the wheaten bull lurcher?
  5. I've got led tracer 150.they are shite poor build quality shite beam too tight cans see anything around what your chasing.go hid mate lightforce for vehicle lamping if walking the normal lightforce
  6. I have not had one no,just fancy something different.I have got a pup but it's only 10 week,
  7. Something ready to bring on,good money waiting.lost my dog last month
  8. Wheaton bull greyhound bitch 10 month plus
  9. I know,I ain't much faith in it tbh and I have not got bill yet but will be a dew quid
  10. I hope so,after the op vet said leg seemed slightly bent but when I picked him up yesterday he seemed much more happy with it
  11. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with their lurcher breaking the front leg and if they were ever able to run again,my dog has broken both his bones 3 inch below his elbow joint he has had the big bone plated and small bone set in place,he is 3 year old just turned so not really old to heal up.any advice please. Thanks
  12. i have a 1/8 collie 1/8 saluki 1/4 bull 1/2 grey dog 28" 72lb very leggy he is a excellent lamp dog,single on everything retrieves.his main game is reynard he seems to want them more than anything
  13. They are a better lithium as well.I have a 14 ah deben lithium,just use that off van so I have a lamp to jump out with as well but they are good.fit in your pocket easier than a deben 14
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