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  1. Thought so mate he’s a belter how old & whats he standing at ?
  2. Nice that mate what’s in it ?
  3. As I was replying to him saying he will be looking for something similar soon
  4. Just mean way she’s bred built for a bit of everything I’m not saying she is a good all rounder
  5. Cheers mate she’s game as they come & good all rounders. Showing good potential she’s only 19 month
  6. Not 100% sure to be honest pal, sire is saluki grey collie grey to a saluki x grey and dam is saluki x grey to saluki collie grey with some bull in her but not too sure how much
  7. Cheers mate yea she’s got it all couldn’t be happier with how she’s turning out
  8. Cheers mate & saluki collie bull grey
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