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  1. The Alliance is running e petitions where you type in your post code and it automatically emails a standard letter to all your local MSPs. You don’t have to be a member just go on their web page
  2. Scotland is slowly going down the pan under the auspices of the SNP . Like my wife said when they’ve banned all country sports and pest control all that will be left to do will be to buy a camper van drive up the North West 500 and shit in a lay-by which apparently is a good use of the countryside according to the SNP . Having a shit on someone else’s land and lighting fires is good for your mental well-being.
  3. The Alliance is a waste of time if not complicit as all they bang on about is licensing which they have not a hope in hell of getting for mounted packs. I spoke to Jake Swindells head of the Alliance in Scotland at the Scottish Gamefair and he stated he didn’t see game shooting existing in the next 10 years. What a defeatist attitude . They’ll not be getting anymore of my money. Barry Wade from the national terrier federation and the Atholl and Bredalbane fox control society( hill pack) gave very good evidence but these big orgs like the Alliance BASC etc are just after your money
  4. There is quite a lot going on with this at committee stage at the moment with the RAINE committee urgently seeking clarification from Scottish Government on numerous points especially why Rabbits have been included in the bill , how this will affect game shooting and why two dogs when all evidence including governments own peer led review stated a pack was more effective and indeed desirable in welfare grounds . However the Minister for the Environment Mairi McAllan stated in a letter to the committee that a two dog limit was reasonable because an animal rights charity( Onekind ) says so !!!
  5. Aye cut less cost more. Such is the way of vets
  6. I’ve used shavings for over 30years and never had a problem . I’ve always bought them in the large bales which are dust extracted
  7. Had a young job done earlier this year. £70 for the op and £30 for the tubes to be sent to the lab to confirm they’d cut out the right bits . Not sure what would have happened if it came back they’d cut the wrong bits or even what the wrong bits could be!!! Anyway all well and he is currently doing the business with the girls so will post if any kits get dropped
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