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  1. I went with my heart thank god, i don't think i would have been able to live it down if i hadn't of. 200 @ 16/1 and another 200 @ 8/1. Bit of a party on tonight, i reckon it will be a good one.
  2. mossyh07

    Myxy Hares?

    That scabby face and sore looking eyes is usually the liver fluke or orf around here.
  3. mossyh07


    Can't see Hurricane Fly or Big Bucks getting much trouble. Quevega should have what it takes to come out on top but Unaccompanied is a serious mare and will be there to win. I think Sir des Champs is good value at 7/2 for the RSA or 4's in the Jewson. Sprinter Sacre is another serious horse and i reckon he can win on the bridle. Some cracking races will be seen thats for sure. Good luck!
  4. Didn't get any luck at all. I had backed the Broadstrand dog last night as i reckoned he would lead him up the inside, I reckon he wont get a look in from the outside in the final though. What are peoples fancies? My head is telling me the Panther but my heart say's Piercestown Sand can pull it off.
  5. He's done it again, nothing looked like ever catching him.
  6. Anybody see this lad run last night in the SIS Gold Cup? Didn't break, sandwiched between 2 and 4, bumped on the first and second bend and still just motored away from the field to win in 29.. This lad is something special.
  7. When i fancy something i'll have a few bob on it for abit of interest but when I get word of a gamble or whatever i do lump on, usually about once maybe twice a year. If you bet big and win big once or twice a year is enough. Track and course bookies arn't finding it easy these days mind.
  8. mates das bitch got beat in the final Does that mean you could get a pup cheap if she's bred? could i f**k c**t would cut your throut for a pound He's in the right game then.
  9. mates das bitch got beat in the final Does that mean you could get a pup cheap if she's bred?
  10. I don't know who you mean by "you greyhound coursing men" because I don't have any greyhounds at the moment and do all my running with lurchers. Yes some coursing club lads do go mad about lads hunting there preserves but saying they are all like that is just ignorant. The club here where i am have there preserve, they watch it all the time and catch the vast majority of their hares from that land and they have soul permission on it so i stay off it for arguments sake, and in my experience hares on their preserves don't run half as well as hares that have to run to survive a couple of times a season. You can give out all you want about them but they arn't going to go away, if they try and throw you off land that isn't their preserve tell them to get f****d and walk on. Craigluckyjihad if you think coursing with greyhounds here in ireland and coursing with saluki bred dogs on big land is the same then i'm sorry your experience of coursing has been so limited. Horses for courses. Coursing here is about a sprint, not a marathon.
  11. That's obviously a reply from a man who knows what he's on about. Ok the ground was wet but that particular meeting had to be run that day and the conditions were horrible all that weekend. Those greyhound were as fit as any in the country. Whats going on in my video and whats happening in yours are to completely different types of coursing that simply cannot be compared. But then what would i know.
  12. Thought some people may enjoy this.
  13. Natures gone mad. Have seen lambs, new born leverets and the birds are singing and courting like mad. Makes you wonder how the seasons could end up.
  14. Absolute c**ts. What exactly were they meant to get out of that? Pointless.
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