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  1. I don't want to jump on the bandwagon here. But to the original poster, put up some pictures of your groups at 60 yards under hunting conditions.. I for one would be keen to see. Pernod...
  2. They make good ferret food. Lol. Pernod
  3. pernod


    Facebook is a total eye opener re hunting with dogs. I'm sure some of the dimwits that post make the authorities jobs just too easy. Mind you to be honest most of them deserve more than their collar felt,they deserve a good boot in the nuts for their stupidity and in some cases out and out cruelty. Pernod Pernod
  4. pernod


    Just saw on one of the Facebook groups, some halfwit was trying to raffle off a lurcher for 50 quid a ticket. Has the sport realy sunk that low?? Pernod
  5. You already have all the info you need from the targets you shot. Sometimes the old ways are best. Pernod.
  6. I've mentioned it before but breaking them to sheep is easy enough when walking a pup through a flock of Un alarmed sheep. But it can sometimes go a bit pear shaped when a single ewe bursts out of a clump of bushes when up in the hill. That's a real test of steadiness, which I'm afraid a few sound dogs fail. Pernod
  7. pernod


    I'm sure I read on another forum that he was taking some time out because of work, starting a new business. Pernod
  8. I'm talking head shots mate.... not much difference. Try it... Pernod
  9. A full power air rifle is more than capable of cleanly dispatching ducks at realistic ranges. No one bats an eyelid at 30 plus yard shots at crows etc which are equally as robust as ducks. Just my opinion of course Pernod.
  10. As bgd said, you only need a licence if you watch live broadcast TV. If you only watch catchup TV no licence is needed, regardless of what the TV licence goons tell you. The only folk prosecuted for not having appropriate licence have usually incriminated themselves. Pernod.
  11. Take him with you when your out with your mates and their dogs. Pernod
  12. Why don't you put targets out at the ranges mentioned and note where the impact points are... easy. Pernod
  13. Not strictly a Hancock, but I have a Hancock x working whippet. He's 24 tts and is a more than capable dog. He hasn't been fazed by anything he's been run at. Not an ideal Hare dog but great on rabbits and other things. Pernod
  14. Not my ideal pet. But you have to admire their hunting ability. Pernod
  15. Anyone who would even consider shopping a fellow hunter for lamping some hares is nothing but a knob of the highest order.. Just my opinion of course... Pernod.
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