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  1. thanks for all the reply,s I might try braid
  2. what do you think is the best line for beach fishing as I need to get some
  3. skinner


    yer good big napper be glad when we can get all straw in , morgan doing real good glad you fetched him back ha ha
  4. skinner


    how you doing big napper sorry I am only just getting back working late with harvest , there hand held mate
  5. skinner


    don't know why I cant but a advert in classified but sick of trying , sorry for putting it on here, 2xlight force lamps and clulite lamp & battery £50 collect also good terrier box £20 pm for more info
  6. has any one got a apeman camra , mine takes good vids but when you play them on computer it plays for about 3seconds then stops but the sound carries on , some help please
  7. thanks arry I will taiike any advise I can get , I went to a very rocky beach near Bridlington and there was a lot of crabs but no peelers , I think I must off got the wrong time but I will try again but thanks for your reply
  8. I will say what I want and I wont hide away for what I beleave in
  9. does any one go peeler crabbing on east coast and when can you get them as I want a dozen to freeze for back end
  10. I was sick of being told what to do when they banned hunting with hounds , many people died for this country only for our government to feck it up , even them that survived it didn't get looked after , and still don't , so I carried on hunting with my hounds , carried on hair coursing , and I will carry on killing what the feck I want, I live of the land just like people have done for years to keep abit of meat on table, this country is fecked takeing more money off us all the time , so I will be fecked if I am going to be told what to do any more , so if I was you lot who got magpies in your garden blow the feckers up and feck them all
  11. the government are looking into it now ,asking who gave them the right to push it through
  12. or [BANNED TEXT] big napper it was on Tuesday on itv at 7am
  13. he said you go out in the country side and you see lots of people shooting crows and its vandalism
  14. have you watched Packham on good morning Briton , what a big nob you have to watch it
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