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  1. you would eat minced catfish in your grandma tights and call it a sausage and still say it tasted alright
  2. there's quite s few you don't have .
  3. just looking back at old pictures forgot I had this one in his prime
  4. buddy had a decent sized nut on him. but razor heeed was on another leve I got asked regularly of lads how much bulls in that. loll .a pic of buddy and casper. and probably one of the last pics of razor I have took.
  5. loam? isn't that like a sandy soil with organic materials in it.
  6. it won't be a regular thing lol it hasn't changed much in the last 15years still shite and bollocks being posted . lol.
  7. I don't worry what other people think about my dogs . ( I used to ) but not anymore there's only one person who needs to be happy . and if you ain't happy then you do something about it. razor was retired through injury early in his 7th season his muscle became detached from his bone . another story . I have never stated that razor was the best at this or that .but I have had some belting days with him and a quite few amazing days with him where I have thought how the f**k did he catch that. and I have had some real frustrating days too . where I have made every excus
  8. maybe he was on permission doing pest control. ugly juckels them lads.very ugly
  9. lovely condition those pups.razor and the munchy gave me alot of fun over the years .that's why they are still with me now .I think razor just gone 11. and the munchy 14 this January. I'm a feeder now.lol they are tucked up in a heated kennel having an easy life . heard quite a bit about troy to.he been a good un for you Jacob.because you put the time in. and that is so important . . good luck with the pups lads hope they give you plenty of good days.
  10. nice pram adam. . blonde 2 fook me sanky does struggle finding original names..good luck with the pup gosh. should have some fun with it im sure .it's a bit ugly but I suppose looks don't really matter in the running game.dre was born a ugly fooker too.and he could fill a bag anywhere in the country.lol.
  11. Bend over I have a couple of pics of him from early summer I will get my pal to put them up James these dogs will be capable of doing what you want them to as good as any other cross .on certain game better than any other cross.it's down to you to show them the way.eg.get them out plenty and show them plenty of what you want it to run. As for recall razor is spot on.all my dogs are.but and a big but.lol.most not all but most heavily saluki bred dogs go through what I call a deaf period and can be a nightmare and by fook can they whinge. But believe me it will all be worth it in the end
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