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  1. It’s got a spare Battery that’s never been used , that’s £60 , it’s a deal a steal , in fact it’s so good il keep it
  2. £200 with a spare battery ( 2 battery’s) and it’s yours , used 2 , don’t like LED
  3. For sale and spare battery £200 used 2.
  4. I’m afraid if they any good they will be kept tight and never advertised and that’s way it has always been. Saying that good ones do get advertised now and again but very rare I’d say. Plenty of good dogs about just got to put work in and try to get in know and in these circles somehow, don’t blame these circles keeping it tight thou amount of idiots out there.
  5. I'm afraid that's a skill beyond most these days
  6. Disagree with the above mate.
  7. I used the new creosote for few gates and one shed, but for a log cabin I got I use the clear Barrenttine stuff. Like you said once you go into it a bit it can get confusing
  8. Garmin 430 tracker and 2 x Mini collars View Advert As above , year old £700 One collar makes slight rattling noise if shaken , like a little screw loose inside but works perfect. PM if interested. Advertiser DEERMAN Date 06/10/20 Price £700.00 Category Other Fieldsports Equipment  
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