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  1. What's the best lamping lamp on the market at the moment for long distance work.
  2. I met him quite a few times around the shows etc. Remember him refereeing a fight at Lambourn Lurcher Show (about 1978/79) between John (boy) Stanley and another traveller. During the fight (Stanley was winning easily) a fist came flying out of the crowd and put Ginger flat on his arse..... all hell broke loose and there was a mass brawl...... those were the days....Unfortunately though, it spelt the beginning of the end for Lambourn Show.
  3. Hi mate - are you still looking for someone?
  4. Almost any greyhound cross will do the job if brought up proper and entered with patience. The main thing is the bigger and stronger the dog the easier the kill, hence why bull X's excel.
  5. Anyone remember the bare fist fight at 7 Barrows - Lambourn lurcher show 1978-79 ? Ginger was the referee, and he got sparked out by one of the spectators when it turned into a free for all ? I think john Boy was winning the scrap at the time..... them was the days............. As far as his lurcher dealing goes Ginger would tell you it was bred from whatever you were willing to believe..........come on he was a dealer. At the end o the day, Ginge is a great character.... and one of many in the dog world........ happy hunting.
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