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  1. Disagree with the above mate.
  2. I used the new creosote for few gates and one shed, but for a log cabin I got I use the clear Barrenttine stuff. Like you said once you go into it a bit it can get confusing
  3. Garmin 430 tracker and 2 x Mini collars View Advert As above , year old £700 One collar makes slight rattling noise if shaken , like a little screw loose inside but works perfect. PM if interested. Advertiser DEERMAN Date 06/10/20 Price £700.00 Category Other Fieldsports Equipment  
  4. The times I visited him for a day out always found him a real gent.
  5. The male boar live away from the group (sounder) and the matriarch dominant Sow who is the daddy of the group. There are certain areas up the forest where all you will see are mature male boar on their own or younger ones in 2/3 s.
  6. Jack Russel / Plummer View Advert After a Jack Russell / Plummer dog pup , thanks Advertiser DEERMAN Date 17/01/20 Price Category Working Terriers  
  7. Over to you Joe. Think you got it a bit wrong there Madfox11 , sure Joe will explain.
  8. The FACTS In another development, police have appealed for calm on a housing estate in Workington, Cumbria, after arsonists destroyed the home of a suspected sex offender and put the lives of neighbours at risk. Victor Minshaw, 52, who is charged with a string of offences, was not in the house when the fire was started because he was forced out by a peaceful protest last Friday. A family of five, who lived next door to him, were forced to flee their home at the height of the blaze. Mr Minshaw appeared before magistrates last week charged with 15 offences, including
  9. I was never in an English Regiment, it's a British regiment that recruits worldwide mate
  10. Two Teams il be supporting, Wales and anyone playing England
  11. Im selling one of them McBean type ones, PM if interested
  12. View Advert Mcbean Snug box For sale Mcbean Snug box ( box in pic off internet not actual box but same type ) 400 plus P&P PM if interested Advertiser DEERMAN Date 14/11/18 Price £400.00 Category Other Fieldsports Equipment  
  13. Looked on there this morning mate , loads of different types of papers . but delivery really steep
  14. yes the blokes are just as important as the dogs , wrong team smashed long time injured dogs , again so im told
  15. If you do them often enough you will meet miss Right ( Main sow ) then the gameness is tested ...you can go months catching them and thinking this is too easy then you get 3/4 good ones on the bounce that will test your dogs so I've been told .
  16. You can run but you can't hide 

  17. That is true but if you put them up to be shot down who can argue or say different ?
  18. Ive got a 3 legged dog do a job she bred for better than most 4 legged dogs ...dont believe me ?
  19. I've got dogs down from main dogs mentioned in this topic , are they pure or got others in them them lol ...but i can assure you they do job they are bred for
  20. im not talking about main men who owned dogs here but the hanger ons get out and do a bit FFS ,nice to have memories but its all past look to future
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