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  1. ukhunter

    night vision

    how do you no he needs a 12mm lens ? and i have tested 16mm and 12mm lens and 12mm gives you slightly more field of view but there is not much between the lenses and i can get same distance with the 12mm as i can with the 16mm also i get the same close range with the 16mm as i can with the 12mm
  2. ukhunter

    8ft ferret locator

    this still for sale and how much ?
  3. ukhunter

    Air rifle, .22 cal. ? for sale.

    this still for sale
  4. ukhunter

    Money Saver

    nice one bud
  5. ukhunter

    Dog pup

    whereabouts are you as i now someone thas looking for young dog
  6. ukhunter

    cheap nv

    Yha my pm's have been blocked by the powers that be so have you a contact email?
  7. ukhunter

    Clear out

    if you would be willing to post then i would buy them mate
  8. ukhunter

    cheap nv

    yes i still got cpl NV kits here
  9. ukhunter

    Pard 008

    iv'e had one for months and there very good mate
  10. ukhunter

    Theoben rapid 7 mk 2

    my mate bought this gun and to say it was in good condition is a joke the barrel was covered in rust the stock had knocks and marks on it there was not air in it when he bought and it was never going to hold are as the as the valve stem is bent so i would say looking at it its hard life and like its been in thrown about in back of a poachers van. anyway i fitted a new valve stem and new o rings and its holding air know
  11. ukhunter

    ward t67 red torch

    Red light reflects more visibly from the eyes making it easier to spot quicker when scanning.
  12. i would say pm me your email but my pm's are still blocked and i may have jill im waiting for the guy to get back to me
  13. thanks i know you said West mids/worcs/warks border but whereabouts are you mate
  14. yh i no my pm's have been blocked for week or so now so i cant send or receive pm's i have asked the powers at be whats going on put i don't get a answer
  15. ukhunter

    Pard N008 NEW

    i here that pard stocks are very low and they can not keep up with the demands and because of this people are waiting 5 to 6 weeks for stock