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  1. very nice fish bud you never had that radio blaring out music
  2. i have a 12ltr 300bar bottle and still in test and im whating £130/£140 for it and im not to far away im in oxfordshire
  3. i have nt300 here for £165 posted good out to 300yrds with the right IR can includ good IR for £30
  4. the reason why i ask for pic of the one your selling so can see what condtion it was in as pic in your 1st post is of New one that you got off a website and the one your selling is 2nd hand job done
  5. Thanks for the pics and looking at the pics its not New Then?
  6. what is that your pic or one of drbobs website ? i like to see a real photo not one thats been taken off a website
  7. can i have pic of the Reg/QF please
  8. mate just heads up there only £19.50 to buy new
  9. Sold To The Man Above thanks col
  10. x3 22 Mags Are Sold only the 177cal Mag Left
  11. Hi Colin its your mate ill pm you payment details
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