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  1. sent you some pics bud
  2. my mate is thinking of selling his rapid mk1 i can pass on your detiles if like?
  3. i have a DIY NV-Add-on here if thats any good to you? its fitted with one best cameras for nv its a e700pub which is good out to 300yds with the right IR + good for close range ratting the nv add-on comes with mini 12v battery + battery charger the battery will last over 8 hours on a single charge it also comes with Pulsar DSA so it will fit most Scopes Selling For £90 pick up or £100 Posted
  4. hi have cpl of bsa's Brmie Made Bsa Lightning XL Tactical £130+ post Brmie Made mk1 Bsa SuperSport £130+ post if you're interested? i can email you more info and pics
  5. im been in oxford all my life and like you say its not little anymore but i think we on about different oxford
  6. i have 12ltr 300 bar bottle still in test but i'm oxfordshire
  7. just sent you a pm with kevs email bud
  8. kev is not far from you he's in donny and you can get hold of him over on the rapid forum or i can pm you his email over bud
  9. im after a Spotter that i can use on truck / that can Hard Wired so i can use a Screen in the cab pm me with what you got and prices but i may look at scope if the price is right

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    Looking for Spotter that i can use on truck / Hard Wired + Screen what's about guys? I Don't want to spend a fortune, but money here for right Spotter.


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