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  1. sorry but i cant wait any longer so its going to someone else
  2. sent you an email can you let me know whats going on bud
  3. sent you an email with more info + pics of the Coyote multishot
  4. yes its a multishot and comes with x2 mags + scope + silencer + fill adaptor email me and ill send you some pics
  5. sorry to say then mate i have somebody else wanting to buy it and they going to pick up this afternoon so im sorry mate but its sold to them now but i have another Gamo Coyote here that i will be selling for about £230 as it has a bit of a hard time but works fine + i also have a few c02 pistols some are as new and in the boxes
  6. https://rapidforum.co.uk/forum/index.php?action=reminder. https://www.rapid7ownersclub.co.uk/
  7. There is 2 for sale over on the TSD
  8. Hi do your mate def want the hatsan at44 at the weekend as i hold it for him like i say he will need to put £20 towards diesel and ill meet up at rotherham so if you can find out from your mate that he's ok with this?
  9. ok bud my email is in my profile email and we sort something out for next week
  10. Hi mate i may be free to meet up tomorrow morning but your mate will need give me £20 towards diesel
  11. No i would like to be there bud sorry about that
  12. sorry i can only do tomorrow or Thursday and i was delivering it to rotherham for free i was only doing that as got mate up there which i haven't seen in long time so i thought ill drop the gun off for your mate at the same time but no worries or i can post it as your mates cost
  13. i can goto rotherham tomorrow afternoon or Thursday afternoon
  14. sorry but the Coyote maybe sold
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