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  1. Seen a few fox's that could have got chopped,If the single fox hound they bumped into around cover had the balls. You run 30 lurchers on fox they will all have a rag don't mean there all single handed.
  2. Its February. As for not killing during summer,If your out walking dogs accidents happen. Plenty of places i have to visit during summer with rifle,rather not,But if i dont show willing some one else will.
  3. Dog hungry it eats,dog not hungry it burys it for when it is......
  4. Skycat Mine was slow day time rabbits would just straight line her,Could count amount of rabbits she caught out in open on one hand even on lamp.At the time i could go out any night of week and catch 30+ she could do it night after night,But it was shocking boring,Many a night i said f**k this and went home for a dog that was a bit more exciting. Truth be told what she really liked doing was hunting,I could stand at a gate and she would tell me if a field was worth walking,Could take her up mountains at first light and come off as sun would go down, she would still be going,Many a time stood
  5. Trouble with a dog like that wouldn't be hes balls,but lack of exercise,10 minutes on the lead around the park aint going to cut it. Try telling a pet owner they need to take dog to large forestry ect let it of the lead and let it hunt around and not worry if they don't see it for 20 minutes at a time. Unless you have some one thats out a lot,walking or maybe horsey type, dog would soon get bored.
  6. You only have to read comments to see hearts running heads. Probably why a lot of people believe in being cruel to be kind.
  7. Sorry stabba the dog dose that chum but when he has lost site his head go's and you have to catch him up very quickly cause you don't know what he's going to do next Sounds just like 2 dogs i was thinking of,I knew how they were brought up,The one was prob the best natural dog i ever saw,was lucky to be out once a week would still out run mine,Was a liability around stock,eventually decided hitting stuff hurt . Not saying you should or shouldnt better of making your own mistakes than someone else`s . Hard to compare a dog that has training and one that has next to non.
  8. maybe they get used to it if fed often,Other wise you will be along time scrubbing scutter
  9. Dont know but if you have a dog that dosnt get out into fields untill its old enough to lamp,and its game it will plough into anything and everything,at some stage it either has to learn when it can or carnt,or it will just start pulling up all together. jmo.
  10. Maybe dog hit a hedge, fence to many. Saw a decent dog get tangled up in electric string once hitting a hedge,It put him of.
  11. Sound lucky to me what if bloke said dog bit him,What if it was a kid eating the pie. Not worth risk,meet the wrong person at wrong time,it will end in tears.
  12. Im the type that looses sleep if a dog dosnt perform how i expect,loose even more if its my fault. Wasted lots of time on dogs that were never going to suit me,until finally run out of excuses. If i could train a dog to do things that isn't in its natural running style,I Would give up the rabbiting and start training greyhounds would make a fortune training slow greyhounds to run fast.
  13. Still be july before mine can turn them
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