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  1. I still have the video (somewhere) of the last day..
  2. I have sent the very good man a couple of messages from two internet sources but i have had no reply.. i now know why..
  3. The Plummer terrier died out around 18/19 yrs ago through folk pissing about with the breeding.
  4. I know this forum is fooked beyond belief from it's early day's ...however please come forward normal older members with good line bred collie lurchers ..?
  5. I passed them on K and V said a autograph is required..you where spotted on TV a while back and now famous.. lol...
  6. I have two brothers one is my twin one is my younger brother.
  7. All the best with with the up coming prodigy ...if i can manage to stop on here long enough i look forward to there progress..
  8. We like what type we like.. and we like what type suits our pass time...every man/woman is different.. ..
  9. V.. is spot on mate and is still out and about with Whippets... lamping regularly injuries and weather dependent.. V has a pup which has the potential to be a little Star but we will see..
  10. Your not wrong Joe.. i will be 47 this year and the months keep speeding up..
  11. The reason i am after a new pooch is my present Collie Lurcher has hit 7yrs old and i do not like to see her stiff after a night or day out mooching about..the dales can be a unforgiving place on the pooches old joints and she has picked up the odd irreparable injury..she can still work but the the recovery times are taking longer as time goes on so a new pup would lesson the load..anyone concerned about a pups welfare in my care have nothing to worry about..my pooches are insured have a life times worth of bunnies to work and sleep on the bottom of my bed when resting.
  12. All is well matey and i hope the same applies for you..
  13. Thank you John..do you have any background info..PM maybe better..
  14. Yes K.. just the same just another year..hope you are doing good..
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