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  1. I racked a batch of Apple cyser today..the five on the right just need to let them stand now to see if they clear..I also started another two on the left..
  2. The bees can be hard work and frustrating at times and it is a never ending learning curve.. different problems arise every season that gets you thinking of the best and different ways to solve the problems quickly while thinking on your feet..it is fairly addictive though and a fascinating rewarding hobby when you get everything right.. I find the Mead and Cyser making a lot easier and just as rewarding once it has finally cleared and ready for the bottles.. Good luck with your retirement plan..
  3. Yes that was all from one season..in total at the end of last year i ended up with just over 700lb of honey..
  4. Just found a few on my computer..
  5. Here is some of the hives from spring and winter..I do not have any mead or cyser pics on my phone..
  6. Nice work..i have been doing something similar for the past few years..i have my own honey bees that produce more honey than i can sell so i make 23L batches of Cyser with any surplus Honey...it is basically apple wine but made with honey instead of sugar..the apple juice i use is pure apple juice from the supermarket..
  7. I still have the video (somewhere) of the last day..
  8. I have sent the very good man a couple of messages from two internet sources but i have had no reply.. i now know why..
  9. The Plummer terrier died out around 18/19 yrs ago through folk pissing about with the breeding.
  10. I know this forum is fooked beyond belief from it's early day's ...however please come forward normal older members with good line bred collie lurchers ..?
  11. I passed them on K and V said a autograph is required..you where spotted on TV a while back and now famous.. lol...
  12. I have two brothers one is my twin one is my younger brother.
  13. All the best with with the up coming prodigy ...if i can manage to stop on here long enough i look forward to there progress..
  14. We like what type we like.. and we like what type suits our pass time...every man/woman is different.. ..
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