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  1. Only got labrador left. All other dogs and gear now sold
  2. Thancks mate u know the crack like i do Uve been 2 mine and seen the crack other tossers have sour grapes coz theyve been caught out dont want to brag but i have 1 of the best kennel set ups you will see
  3. dont know wer this fella gets his info from coz nobodys been 2 see any dogs yet so how would any 1 know wat there like???? And im sure any one ive sent pictures to can see the dogs are in good condition fella here just upset coz hes a timewaster and ive exposed on here 4 wat he is grow up lad
  4. and he is still sending me abusive threatning txts as we speak
  5. Just to let everyone know "sub" that comes on here is a timewasting lying shit
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