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  1. Was it all hear say he got his name from a kennel fight
  2. Yes u just answered it there for me back to dogs now
  3. Teddy must have been decent enuf dog when he was put over Annie bitch. Not going into row so basically every dog man breeder in Ireland that had has that line are only in it for money in your eyes except one man
  4. Not disputing that with u put tp bred him
  5. Here is a dog that wasn't said to be a worker just got his name from a kennel fight from man that used to post on here I'd doubt that very much
  6. Look its no point keeping going over this but at end of day if didn't sell lads pups and working dogs a lot of men wouldn't have that line today the man sure did bred good dogs that's for sure. It had happened to lot of other well known terrier men to.
  7. Chesney it has happened to other breeders in the past and it will continue to happen its just ways of life.
  8. Yah the soldier blood one's do yah head in quietest one I had in yard was bitch off Jack and tanner I've one there off her she just same as her pure layed back
  9. Bull u must of had got a good one in kennels usually there bouncing off pen roaring there head off whole time
  10. Certainly a higher percentage of workers from that line of dogs. Its good to see the line continuing from men that have dogs from it. Some says it thinning out now with lads not breeding for right standards but there is no shortage of the bloodline in Ireland or uk
  11. That's mick son Chesney dug over him a lot years ago
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