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  1. Them battery operated Bellman collars when they were first out, I dropped mine on a lane one morning getting out of van and it turned on. I turned it off with magnet and deliberately dropped it again. Turned on. My other mate had one as well done the same. Never took the magnet with me after that, just gave it a tap on my knee to turn it on first stop whenever we were out.
  2. Can’t get them anymore though can you Katchum? I’ve one lying about here somewhere the chipboard and all is but wouldn’t put it on a dog, casing and seals seen better days
  3. Done rightly for a 7 yr old, days and nights similar. Enjoy
  4. Get it on repeat if you haven’t already Not Rebel just traditional Irish folk music
  5. They sure did and done well, thought the dirty dubs were gonna get a goal at the end though lol. Mayo and Armagh game wasn’t televised so had to settle with thon
  6. In Real news Cork give Limerick a good scalping in the hurling lol
  7. Was it not North Korea a few years ago was getting threatened for having power? By who and what became of that? The media and then all the Covid and let alone this Brexit carryon came into play all at once. Now this is the new thing! Ok I’m no expert on what’s going on, by any means. So if I’m wrong someone please correct me if I’m wrong. Does Russia feel like they’re being exposed and vulnerable from Ukraine when it comes to joining NATO. Has Russia and Putin “jumped the gun” on this one ? I doubt it very much.
  8. The man’s being kept on life support solely for the purpose of organ donation. Seems like a bad doing from what I can gather. Hope his family get justice. RIP fella
  9. I got mine of that site, was recommended of a good friend on here and they arrived next day and I’m in Ireland. Maybe worth a look
  10. I hope that dog you dug too with 3 in front of it, wasn’t an offspring of the one you told lads was decent and done less than 3 mins and walked. It’s not called frustration by the way, it’s “temper”. ill learn you yet
  11. You jumped into a conversation regarding terriers rounding up quarry. None of us have X-ray eyes but you must have a special skill to know that a terrier isn’t barking through its grip at the one at hand but the one behind it. Maybe you should judge strong dogs in the next big show coming up. You’d be in your comfort zone, bullshit.
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