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  1. RTurlough on here had a few, he used them for tracking deer among other things.
  2. He was over a pedigree boxer club years back and it folded as all the clubs money had went walkies. He came to a boarding kennels once to check it out when he worked for the uspca and the owner which was a woman wasn’t long telling him that she knew it was him thieved the money from the club. He didn’t hang about long. Once a thief always a thief, proper scumbag he is.
  3. You and your mates behave. Stop pretending to be beating cover when you’s are using trailers and jeeps as decoys in the countryside so you’s can beat eachother off, gang bang fights over who’s first to sit on the tow bar is taking it to the extreme. Not well, always heard you loved the hard type.
  4. The big lad ? U haven’t a notion who I’m talking about so stop guessing. The majority wouldn’t give out a service to begin with as they don’t want anyone else to have anything, that’s more than likely the reason.
  5. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. More concentrating on how honesty pays off long term and how a lot of folk get on the way they do for no reason. If everyone listened to what you where told by others, somtimes you’d be second guessing yourself. But seeing is believing. A lad not far from me has a lot of contacts and breeding in his yard, whether they’re good or not is another issue, he certainly thinks they’re the best! He runs about name dropping, breeding etc. thinks he’s the pope of the terriers. Any local young lads he’s brought out with him, he’s telling them what happens in the field stays in the field! Why did they not ask him originally instead of me for a service, me a nobody just do my own thing and I enjoy it. The ones don’t want to help anyone or think they have something and boast about it, when seen from and outsider they have nothing more than middleton at best. That’s why everything’s a secret with them. Blowing there own trumpets over nothing. They wouldn’t give no one a service for free for fear of the man with the bitch maybe asking to see the dog work first! But they’d be the first to take a lad out the road and drop his bitch to test it into a dungeon they wouldn’t put any of their own dogs into. If I was like that I wouldn’t be at it. What would be the point? Only denying yourself at the end of the day. Let the dogs do the talking. Think that’s the best way forward. Atb
  6. Was at it the first time 2 summers past, glad I went down. Im not into shows but there’s very few shows you’ll see with up to 30 or more dogs in categories and all working dogs. That’s the way every show was all over the country when I was growing up, full off working dogs and working dog men.
  7. Again some interesting points raised. The scatterbred scenario I agree, line breeding is the way to go, yet as stated above it has to start somewhere. The man didn’t ask for any particular dog, but there’s one here that is a cousin to his bitch. I’m not sure he knows that, so I’ll inform him and see what he says. It’s entirely up to himself he’s welcome to whatever one he wants. I’m not one for telling people what to do but if they ask my opinion I’ll give him my honest one and say what I’d be inclined to use if I was in his position, but the choice is his at the end of the day. I’m don’t want anything for the service or a pup but I’ll run it by him if there’s any surplus stock to run it by me incase I might know someone interested in one come the time. Who knows if he uses the dog that’s related and they turn out well. I could be stuck in a few years time for something similar to use so I could always call that favour back in. One good turn deserves another. Folk have been good to me over the years and only for them I’d have nothing, so I can’t see why I shouldn’t help someone out that is maybe in a position I was once in at one stage or another. On a different note and I know everyone’s different but anything I ever paid for turned out useless anything I’ve ever had that was decent was gifted so the buying in stopped a long time ago with me. In some circumstances I can see it’s the only way you can get certain blood off certain men. Thing that makes me laugh is a lot of them men are the first ones that have something to bitch about when someone else has or decides to sell a spare pup or two. Can’t please everyone that’s for sure. Atb
  8. The guy is looking pups for himself out of his bitch over a decent dog. As long as the pups aren’t sold on and are worked it wouldn’t annoy me in the slightest. Can see some good points from the comments but to be honest a lot of folk run around as if the world owes them something which it doesn’t.
  9. Not a fan of terriers coupled, nothing to do with incase they get into an argument, which they won’t. Seen more dogs hips ruined with them over the years and owners didn’t even realise. Just lazy really, 2 dogs one lead. No thanks
  10. Can get them yuasa batteries for free mate, too heavy. Better off just selling the lamp on its own.
  11. Simple scenario. Hypothetically speaking if I was to say that I had a few grafters about me, which I don’t Say a friend of mine that knows and has seen them work asks could “his friend” have the service off anyone of my dogs over his mates bitch. But I don’t know his mate, never met him before, neither seen his bitch work. I’ve no desire to go in a green field with the lad anyway but I’m told threw multiple sources his bitch is as good as there is around? His mate can have the service no problem. There’s 1 dog I have and if he wants the service of him, out of pure respect I’ll have to run it by the man that bred him just to see if he’d mind, but I know he wouldn’t give a shit, we’re not fickle like that but he’d be asked anyway. So basically I don’t mind if someone wants to line a bitch with a decent dog, I don’t want a pup or anything else in return. To me that’s just giving something that should be shared, as long as it’s going to be in decent lads hands and worked and carried on. Well fingers crossed in a perfect world that would be the case. How many would do the same? Or, are the majority of you’s stuck so far up either your own ass, or heads stuck up someone else’s? That you’d not even concider as it’s no benefit to yourself? Genuine question
  12. Yes I know Chesney having the right blood surely does help, all I'm trying to say is it takes the right person to be running that blood on properly.
  13. I don't have a line off terriers. None of my terriers are related. Terrier bitches that are grafters and work like dogs are few and far between. They are there though. Men that have them don't broadcast it. If you want to take a litter out of a bitch that needs to be bred from. You need to put a dog over the bitch that is superior to the bitch. Easy said if you've a bitch that's an out an out grafter. Lines is one thing, without solid bitches, your only taking a chance. When pups are born and gifted out that's when the cream comes to the crop! Some people can't run dogs on and that's it. Simple. Is it a fluke that anything that I've been gifted worked and others didn't? Breeding has a lot to do with it, you can give a wanker the best bred pup and it will amount to nothing.
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