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  1. You were right AFT. The X-Rays showed it clear as day. Absolutely gutted!! Went to a new vet this time and found them a lot better to deal with than the other one i used to go to! She even give me a course of painkillers on the quiet Explained everything clearly and even tried to get the PDSA to pay for the op without me asking haha After reading about other dogs having the same problem and having really good recoveries i've decided i'm going to get the op done. Every dog deserves 1 chance at least, even if it's a costly one! Cheers for the info AFT!
  2. Thanks for that. After what you described and what i've read up on the disease it does seem to be the same thing although i'll find out tomorrow for definite. Just a few more questions if you don't mind? What age was you dog and how long was it from you noticed the problem to taking him to the vet? I know all vets differ but could you give me a rough idea of the price you paid for the operation? PM if preferred. What kind of recuperation time did the dog have? He will only be used for earthwork so at least he has that on his side at the moment. Cheers again AFT
  3. Cheers for the replies. He's booked in with the vet in the morning. I'm hoping its something that can be sorted! AFT do you use your terrier to ground? Did the leg effect it's working ability underneath if you did?
  4. My terrier pup took a knock about 2 months ago and was limping for a few days. Was checked over and saw no obvious signs or causes so let him go. He seemed ok after a few days. About 2 weeks ago i noticed he doesn't put much weight on the same leg and the more i look he doesn't walk exactly as he should. He still runs around no problem and if i move the leg and joint now he shows no discomfort. I washed him yesterday and noticed there is now a difference in the size of the muscle on each back leg. The problem is with the right hind leg. Any advice or tips before i go to the vet? I've had bad experiences with vets who give a jag an some metacam and say it'll be ok but never treat the problem.
  5. Cheers for the feedback. I' m abit worried about some feedback i read about the site. Seems there has been a lot of credit card fraud the past few months on there.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has used unitedpharmac-uk. com or expressbuypharma. com and has any info on them. Good to deal with? Delivery times and quality of product etc? Cheers
  7. Brun

    Finally got a good pic!

    No Collie either! I'll let you keep guessing lol
  8. Brun

    Pup's 1st decent Pic

    Thanks! No fancy names in the lines but the line goes back over 20 odd years. Hopefully he makes the grade. Time will tell.
  9. Brun

    Finally got a good pic!

    Cheers everyone! She's just turned 18months. I'll find out in Sept/Oct if she works as good as she looks! P.s there's no Saluki in her at all! Lol
  10. Took loads of photos today, got 2 good ones, one of the lurcher and this of the terrier pup.
  11. Got a good pic today so thought i'd share it! Hard work trying to get them to stay still long enough!
  12. Is this the show that was suppose to be in Coalisland or is that a separate one?
  13. Brun

    First fox from cover

    We were having a shit day until the last 2 covers. One of the men got 4 slips in a row and missed them all in the 2nd last hahaha then i got this one at the last cover.
  14. Brun

    First fox from cover

    Big dog caught it then she got it up the bake! She went mental then! Good to see.
  15. Long time coming this year! Had plenty on the lamp but haven't had one from cover until today. Last cover, nearly pitch black he came running down the ditch! My young bitch showed great potential too so im buzzing!