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  1. they look great stating out are they closely bred
  2. foxdropper were all twats but blabbing on our own is worse
  3. it's the number of men out night after night shooting for which they think is sport fox population just won't cope the way it's going . I totally agree with using riffle when needed they are a great tool too great in my eyes atb
  4. Sometimes FB the rifle is a means to an end! It is just another means of dealing with a problem when other methods have failed. Personally the rifle is brought out on lambing and poultry calls by myself if it is practical to do so! I am not one to go for double figures it is another tool in the bag in my case! ATB
  5. feeling guilty are you foxdropper a man who regularly shoots foxes where he digs is a man who don't have his terriers has first interests. you can't dig them and shoot them
  6. growing sport the rifles sadly. I love the photos of the men standing with a pile of foxes spread out that they have shot in the matter of a hour and don't forget the gun which they are very proud of . give me a photo of a young lad who have walked the hills all day with is little terrier and had a three hour dig to finish the bond they have together beats any bond that can be had with a riffle.
  7. why ask the farmer to go digging cubs pabs I thought only go if they ask you you must enjoy being out doing such thing is it?
  8. u would have to have heard of it Neil you know it all don't you?
  9. Mate in all honesty I am sure you are a nice lad and do work you're terriers but you're in danger of sounding like a complete dickhead, if the man likes ratting then that's what he likes doing, you might like bolting foxes like ur name says and I definatley have whitefeet :-))All in good faith Atb Pay no attention to Foxbolter, he loves nature, despite what it did to him.
  10. a beagle as a better nose than a terrier? I'm not convinced I'm of the impression that dogs have the same scenting ability as each other breed wouldn't be a issue.I believe it's the desire the dog has to hunt what it wants to hunt. a terrier would hunt a warm scent but wouldn't have the desire to hunt a colder or weaker scent it's not in most of their making but it doesn't mean that one has a better nose than the another.
  11. Haiddheliwr I know your sound you didn't need to answer my pm.
  12. you would probably do yourself a favour if you stopped using the name plummer
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