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  1. Are you not out hunting with a lad that had a few pups off that line sure he try to sell them to me years ago truth reason was they were to small and this boy will tell you he doesn’t sell dogs and has a farm boys yous are full of shite did you not say that you owned a terrier that was 12 inches tall and 13 pound weight that was dug to one pit never dug to it twice any quarry lol surprised you didn’t buy one of them f**k up the lot of yous and stop talking shite
  2. Listen son do me a favour and and f**k off probably your the same as fatman I don’t be on here long enough to know anything about you but I know this fatman is in this site years giving his bit about terrier work to be honest I was a bit stump about him asking about the dog when he hunts with a guy that had stuff off the line surely he would be able to let him know the craic cos this boy is the main man when it comes to terriers lol yous are all full of shite put that in your pipe and smoke it anyway what it’s got to do with you you hunting with these top terrier men don’t make me laugh
  3. Aye and if you ask me anything getting mentioned on the internet about terrier work will do no good I have posted pics and wrote topics in my earlier years but all we’re doing is giving them a bigger stick to hit us with we have just defeated a proper attempt to ban hunting in the north ok we won but with all the shite that is posted on the internet it won’t be long until they will be back and with a lot more so called evidence that we provided them with
  4. They way it should be instead of guys asking about dogs on a open forum from what I have listen to off the fella that started this thread he seems to have a high opinion about terriers and what he knows about terriers so i find it a bit strange that he could not get the information he wanted from people in the circles of terrier work
  5. Also forgot she hunts cover as good as any cover dog his words he sent me a pic of her but I don’t think it appropriate for here
  6. The line my french bulldog off no lies coming from the mans mouth that has the line told me he can go do a forest with a bitch he has and in one afternoon he found 1500 euros worth of truffles well she found shot a pheasant that she returned to hand and I swear to god dug a pair of foxes
  7. I have a pic of the dig I lost him in but don’t like putting up pics which may result in the place being recognised
  8. But if you think of it them come off the same line as most bull types the old bulldog sure did they not use them bear baiting back when it was legal
  9. Buddy the line the french bulldog off that’s what the use the for boar and bear couldn’t believe it myself mad
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