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  1. Teeko, dog was in the north full Wheaton as far as I know he finished out his Time with very good friends of mine down south, very good dog. A good friend of mine has a line of digging dogs off of him as good as a lot of black dogs around the country. I never seen the dog work but dug over lots of stuff down off him. I know of the man that had him up north too, a right one
  2. Sometimes it is genuinely a case of jealous cubts who genuinely do f**k all who slate men who are flat out or who have blood that they would secretly love to have. Good men will always have good dogs and lots of work for them regardless of what others say. Fcuk the whole lot of them keep off yere fones and hunt like fcuk . All you can do is be happy with what you have and work them as often as you can and you know what you have and are happy with it. At the end of the day that’s all that matters aslong as your enjoying it, it’s not a Compitition it’s a sport and when you worry about what other
  3. What your man at is wrong but Who sends a bitch to be trained and bred to a stranger in a different country anyways to be honest. And how do you train a glen of imall in the middle of summer. And why’s it being bred before it’s even working. Whole lots a load a bollox if you ask me and just more attention being brought on hunting really ain’t it..
  4. That fcuking ape has more harm done to terrier work in the north in the last five years than other men have in 50 . How anyone would swallow his shite and send a dog to him is beyond me. And I couldn’t give a fcuk if your on here hopefully you see this , your fcuking the game for everyone. Post the proof the dog was pts and there be no problem. And quit boasting about the shitee you do on Facebook for the whole world to see ya muppet.
  5. Being honest I’d rather a dog that would die trying than one that stops up at a fence or ditch. Just nature of the game you try and keep risk to a minimum but at same time u can’t wrap them in wool. There’s no excuse for a dog that stops up after it’s game. It’s a risk every time you slip that dog. No more than putting a dog to ground, or a horse jumping a hurdle or whatever. All I know is if a lurcher stops up after a fox at ditch or fence he’s not for me. Everyone has their own preference in dogs each to their own who am I to say.
  6. So what would you like your dog to do if he’s running a fox and fox goes through wire ? Pull up so he doesn’t get hurt and just watch the fox run off. That’s a jacker mate. Dog should go out over or through it after his game. Same with ditches. If your lurcher is stopping at wire or ditches your gonna Miss a lot of foxes and dog not worth feeding. Just my opinion
  7. I’m talking about hunting covers with hounds out to lurchers. You don’t catch them all ? Standing out from covers for a slip dog runs it and it runs in. I’m not on about just having the dog out digging but anyways look we’ll agree to disagree.
  8. Your dead right . Aslong as it’s done fairly I agree with you 100%
  9. Ah lad, any good fox lurcher willl go through a fukcing wall to get at his game and if he doesn’t bye bye. So your telling me if a fox leaves cover and you slip your dog he courses it and the fox runs in you expect the dog to pull up and wait for you to come for a bolt fcuk that. Good dog will be shifting soil trying to get up and if it’s small enough dog and a big enough spot he’s gone. I’d disagree with you any decent lurcher I’ve seen will stop at nothin to get at his game . And if he does he’s no good to me.
  10. Wish you all the best hope works out for you
  11. I wouldn’t knock your black dogs for not being good bushers aslong as there good under the sod that’s all that matter . Can’t get my head around using a Wheaton for bushing or a full bull. Would you not have problems with sheep/cattle , for a start a wheatens would be to big and fukxing hairy for right cover a briars. He’d be slow as fuvk on a line of a fox. Am I agree no place for a lurcher around an earth however it has happened in certain cases. Doing cover during the day slip your dog course it and ends up in a hole.
  12. Look depends what u in to , Not trying to be insulting but there’s a difference between a digging dog and a bushing terrier. You can mix sand and cement with a shovel don’t make it a belle mixer does it . U wouldn’t let a pack of black dogs into cover to flush foxes . You’ll get lurcher that will go to ground in big place doesn’t mean u have a ‘digging lurcher’ horses for courses . Heavy dogs are what they are they aren’t an all rounder. Who in their right mind would let a game bred pitbull or a working Wheaton off loose for bushing and expect to be able to trust them..
  13. 100%. 99% of lads on those pages are part timers. Only do a bit in the season to get a picture of a dog broke up to post. That’s not what it’s about and their painting a bad image for lads who are doing things right. Ruining it for everyone. Surely a way to get those pages down. To late now anyways I’m afraid the damage is done
  14. That’s a crazy statement, there’s good men who dedicated their life to breeding and working strong dogs (again there not my thing never had one) . You can say there a one trick pony I say they were bred for a job and done well at it. If that’s the case isn’t a digging terrier a one trick pony hardly gonna go out shooting pheasants over it are you? Or heard sheep with it. They do the job they were bred for nothing more nothing less. A lot of lads got out of them because it got too hot and would be ruined if they were caught. Their families life’s damaged too from it. Every breed of dog can be l
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