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  1. the peddlers are the same now as they were at the beggining of the working dog scene your either in it for the money or in it for the dogs.. if your friends with the right lads you wont pay big money if any at all for a dog, things in the past always seem better and a lot of lads seem to look at things through the rose tinted glasses. A lot of the big names in dogs were and still are charging huge fees for pups and stud fees. They were always at it and always will be.
  2. sionnach99


    Nice pair, red dogs looks like its seen a bit
  3. sionnach99

    Slat mills

    Your not the first lads thats mentioned shopping trolley wheels, there meant to be good, i might pay tesco a visit one of the nights
  4. sionnach99

    Slat mills

    Where are you located pm me if you like
  5. sionnach99

    Slat mills

    Looking into a slatmill they do two different jobs. What was the shipping like on it mate id say it cost a fair bit to bring in?
  6. sionnach99

    Slat mills

    ill pm you mate
  7. sionnach99

    Slat mills

    has anybody on here built a slat mill before and have a few pics and dimensions of it or know of anyone making them in ireland , not looking for something that is a crazy price.
  8. Its been said already on this thread and its the only answer that is right... money and dogs shouldnt come into the equation, no matter what breed of dog it is from an earthdog to a springer and every type of working dog in between... if you have to look for money off another man with the same interest as you that will give the dog the work well then your at nothing. Some day you might want the favour returned. Its hard enough find decent dogs off good stuff without having to pay stupid money. There will be money after us , it will come and go, as soon as money comes into it greed takes over and the game is f****d, if your hunting with decent lads they will not look for money for a pup ... and as for putting a price on a full working dog, theres some things that dont be sold and thats one of them.
  9. sionnach99

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Unreal view, beautiful part of the world, the bitch is coming on nicely for you
  10. sionnach99

    Fen Ben 10

    Just done a bit of research there nematodes are roundworms where as tape worms are cestodes both of which dogs can suffer from, so maybe it is not effective on tape worms??
  11. sionnach99

    Fen Ben 10

  12. sionnach99

    Fen Ben 10

    Im fairly sure it says on the bottle it kills all gastrointestinal parasites both juvenile and adult so even if there eggs in the gut it will kill that too to prevent worms some dont do that they only kill the worms themselves.
  13. sionnach99

    Fen Ben 10

    It is the same active ingredient as parazole only its a fraction of the price... fenbedazole is the active ingredient that kills the worms. I gave 3ml today and ill give them 3ml for the next two days.
  14. sionnach99

    Fen Ben 10

    I bought a 1ltr bottle today in my local agri shop for 24€.
  15. sionnach99

    Fen Ben 10

    How often do you give it and how much?