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  1. I think there’s a big difference between a dog that simply gets the job done and a dog that gets the job done well. As dogmandont said a good one will make it look easy. Who wants to see a lurcher just grab and hold a fox and take punishment for ten fuc*king minutes then blow out it’s arse and back into the van. Head like a balloon for a week then and nights sitting in the pen recovering while a good dog would be out the following night again...I know which dog I would rather have. What’s the point in having a big strongly bred lurcher if it struggles to kill a fox the same way a little 22” yo
  2. I have to agree with you there.
  3. Fine dog, all the very best with it.
  4. Each to their own. He won’t get any work until 17/18 months, time enough then. Every dog is different . I’m in no rush with him whatsoever atb sionnach
  5. They’ll be 10 months towards the end of this month . Mine will not see a think until he’s 17/18 months old. Next October all going well.
  6. Mates Bitch out of this litter , he asked me to post it , absolute beauty
  7. Cheers mate Steps are there a long long time
  8. He came very strong in the body, good neck and shoulders on him lot of filling out to do yet. Cheers mate
  9. Would you believe one lad lives in it on his own, only uses a couple of rooms. He mustn’t feel the cold. He’s gone in the head a bit any wonder living in that thing on your own for years...
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