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  1. Out this morning to try a few fox earths no joy. Young ‘Popeye’ bitch on the left only one dig over her so far just started. has a bad Eye since birth.
  2. I’m sure lots will tell you there is and ask big money, just be careful, best of look in your search
  3. Out with hounds today bolted one , dug one. Good days hunting
  4. Good dig to the old bitch today. Big rangey spot keen coming up to it dropped her and a while later she was on 14 meters away at 0.7 . Good result
  5. The old bitch as a youngster. I wouldn’t mind having a few more like her.
  6. Out with hounds this morning first light before work. Got two good hunts. Marked one and dug it.
  7. Nice first dig to a pup a friend of mine bred and gifted to me credit to him. First earth I checked he was keen coming up to it collared up and away he went. Settled at 1.4 working away sensibly.
  8. I was thinking. Hopefully it clicks for you and you get what your looking for. There’s a nice pair of terriers
  9. Looks a bit different to the stuff you normally post on here. Nice pair of terriers though! Are they bred slightly different to the other stuff?
  10. Since when are wheatons the ‘in’ thing and bolloxing around bushing and after boar with them?? That’s not a wheatons job and it’s no true test too then. It’s true the proper Wheaton men are long gone as are the proper wheatons except a few pockets around the country. I could count on a couple of fingers men who keep proper wheatons now. A mate of mine asked me about a Wheaton for a service a few weeks back and after a few fone calls and back and forth both of us ended up at the same dog. We’re from two different sides of the country and the said dog was from the opposite end of the country fro
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