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  1. I think it massively depends on the game you run. If we were to run rabbits one or two dogs between us would do us because there’s f**k all rabbits about here anymore only pockets and there well wide by mid season. If you only run fox and your out couple nights a week say two mid week a late one on Friday and an all-nighter Saturday your gonna need a few workers. If your putting in the miles and doing a lot of lamping on game that there’s a lot of one dog to you isn’t worth a f**k no matter how good it is between injuries, being sore , In heat (if it’s a bitch) but each to there own at the end
  2. That’s ok until that one dog gets injured or something happens then your in a bit of a bad spot. I guess just putting in the hours and being smart about where and how you hunt
  3. Lads I’m looking for a bitch to cover with this dog as he’s pushing on now and need pups down off him. This dog has over 300 foxes under his belt and has killed 5s and 6s a night, lots can vouch for him and can be seen working. He will not be going over any old shite and only looking for one mating not covering half the country I won’t even reply so don’t bother. I will be looking a pup back and see videos of the bitch going, dog is collie bull grey. I’m after a bigger type of bitch in the hope of big strong running dogs. Well proven dog with serious breeding behind him. lots of lads know him
  4. Couple of us thinking of heading over to the gamefair for the weekend. What day is the terriers on can’t seem to work the website for some reason? Also where is best to try for accommodation thanks lads.
  5. Young dog been dropped twice done well. See what happens next year
  6. What’s these dogs stamina and running (turning) like , do they make good fox dogs on the lamp or are they better suited to other work, they look very strong types couldn’t see some of them lifting big numbers of red lads. Could be totally wrong lads no offence to anyone with one I know nothing about this line of dogs and I never had one.
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