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  1. I think there’s a lot of lads doubling up. It’s not worth a f**k you don’t know what you have. Any half arsed dog will do it doubled up.
  2. They were both taking foxs single handed they just didn’t stay going. One of them the whole litter jacked. Was just not a good mating no excuses for them they just were not up to the task
  3. Hit the nail on the hit. They don’t be long questioning themselves..
  4. I know mate. It’s the luck of the draw. If they all worked we’d all have yards full of good ones..
  5. One was about 18 months and the other was older neither was rushed neither worked sore both in good condition. they just didn’t want it and were shite simple as.
  6. It’s sickening to say the least. But I’ll hold out and get something out of the right stuff. A lot of dirt about lads breeding off stuff that has only seen game every other week. I’ll take my time what’s for you won’t pass you
  7. I know it’s a long shot but it’s worth a go I’ve had both the runners I brought on jack on me this year and I’ve written off the end of the season and things are looking bleak for next season too so I’m just wondering Is anyone planning on breeding a litter or has pups on the ground. Looking for a pup out of well tested 100% parents with a few seasons of hard graft behind them. I know the type I’m after and won’t be rushing into anything or taking on just any old pup. It’s not huge land round this way so I’m on the look out for a tight dog around the 25/26”” mark. I’m in ireland but for the right stuff don’t mind hopping on a ferry. I know there’s a few decent fellas on here any help given is much appreciated sionnach
  8. Rabbits are f****d alright. Sad really.
  9. Started late this season. And was sick over christmas and the last week has been foggy but I’ve 20 or so foxs got on the lamp so far first season dog and we’ve a few got out of cover. The rifle boys are really having an impact in my area the won’t leave anything for anyone else. How about you mate ?
  10. Look it mate there’s neither of ye saints you give as good as you get on here. Just forget about abc enjoy your dogs you don’t always have to rise to the bait and the same goes to abc just stay out of each others way it looks childish as fcuk.
  11. the amount of game and variety of quarry that you lot have to work over there, and all you seem to do is give it the big on here Pathetic really. Enjoy your own dogs and work the f**k out of them and stop whining and moaning on here ffs lads it gone beyond a joke.
  12. I’m in that part of the country to. Rabbits are near gone pockets of them here and there but wouldn’t justify keeping a rabbiting dog that’s for sure.
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