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  1. Anyone on here rewire a 170 dimmer the old style one . Mines gone couple times now I want to change the entire lead for a different heavier duty one and one that’s more flexible. What type wire and so on... Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Time will tell, hell be given every chance the rest is up to him
  3. Dddc is right. A genuine man. Pups were finished well and well socialised. Offered us a pot of tea aswell. REBEL:
  4. Anyone been up that way after geese. What’s it like up that way. What are goose numbers like in december
  5. Let the pup decide for itself If it wants to be male or female once it’s old enough
  6. I’ve seen Wheaton crosses that were very good running dogs . I had a Wheaton cross before who had no problem catching and a litter brother wouldnt catch a fox in a phone box...no matter what the cross is you get good and shite in everything.... not everyone is looking for an ‘all rounder’ .whats even is an all rounder lurcher there’s no dog thats 100% on everything. Your not gonna bring an out and out fox dog out on big land running daytime stuff just like you wouldnt bring a saluki bred dog night after night for fox???personally I want a foxing lurcher any other game doesn’t bother me. But not all Wheaton crosses are bad. In fact there far from it.
  7. Must be a touch of Labrador thrown in there somewhere
  8. There a nice looking pup. How did they turn out in the end?
  9. Think I seen videos of that flick dog work if it’s the same dog I’m thinking of . Handy type of a dog . Are you up north? Pm if you prefer. There a nice type you keep.
  10. There as good if not one of the best crosses if you get a good one. Good wind , turning brain and use the lamp well. As you know I don’t want an all round I want a dog for one job and one job only. Unfortunately a dog like that is hard got. The saying is very true One lads shite is another lads gold
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