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  1. Quad terrier box and tool box wanted in Ireland , no timber. Chequer plate type I’m after . Thanks
  2. A man I know bought garmin box and collars from America but the won’t work here in Ireland. Has anyone else had this problem is there anyway to get them working .
  3. I thought that’s what it might be, nice bitch
  4. Is that a chocolate dog or is it just the picture makes it look that way
  5. Out this morning to try a few fox earths no joy. Young ‘Popeye’ bitch on the left only one dig over her so far just started. has a bad Eye since birth.
  6. I’m sure lots will tell you there is and ask big money, just be careful, best of look in your search
  7. Out with hounds today bolted one , dug one. Good days hunting
  8. Good dig to the old bitch today. Big rangey spot keen coming up to it dropped her and a while later she was on 14 meters away at 0.7 . Good result
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