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  1. If You can get karron oil in the local agri supplies , i find it v good. Puts great shine on dogs coats , it’s also has added vitamins and minerals
  2. I feed Fresh beef tripe with a good quality low protein nut, just for a bit of fiber and bits that they don’t get from the meat. Throw sardines in oil (not brine) every few day too. Just what I give others will be different
  3. Garmin box and collars wanted if anybody has a set for sale in Ireland let me know.
  4. Garmin box and collars wanted in Ireland if anyone is selling a set pm me.
  5. Must give a look . Thanks dillydog
  6. Anybody know where you can get drontal or the likes in bulk rather than buying a tablet at time. Or what other wormers are lads using now.
  7. I might aswell say it Your posts on here look very suspicious. All you post about is looking for dogs. I hope I’m wrong and your best interests lie with hunting and dogs .
  8. Young dog for next season about 11months .
  9. I think there’s a big difference between a dog that simply gets the job done and a dog that gets the job done well. As dogmandont said a good one will make it look easy. Who wants to see a lurcher just grab and hold a fox and take punishment for ten fuc*king minutes then blow out it’s arse and back into the van. Head like a balloon for a week then and nights sitting in the pen recovering while a good dog would be out the following night again...I know which dog I would rather have. What’s the point in having a big strongly bred lurcher if it struggles to kill a fox the same way a little 22” yo
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