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  1. Been a Few strange posts on here lately..
  2. Done. Bad news for the republic too lads. Once they ban it in the north we will follow. We all need to Help each other out.
  3. Another one for the young bitch today. Got it Handy at 1.0m
  4. Let’s see some pics of them Young’s dogs lads are bringing on for next season.
  5. Another one under the young dogs belt.
  6. Always liked the look of that dog on here.
  7. You can rest assured that dog earns his keep. More under his belt than a lot of dogs.
  8. Them videos are a good watch ! Keep them coming, dogs are going wellall the best with the rest of the season
  9. The man who had these seemed a decent sort. He Didn’t try and wrong me or the other lads who I know who got a pup. They were advertised as foxing lurchers never a mention of any other game. And I have no connections to the man who bred them i only heard about this litter through a mate I don’t be on here much. Parents are meant to have done a bit so who knows after that, they could all work and they could be all dirt just how it goes...
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