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  1. I went out for couple hours last week checked maybe 8/9 fox earths bolted one , he popped out a hole covered in ivy I thought I’d all covered. Then went on checked another in a different area and hit on a pair. I think if you hit areas with very little cover or spots for foxes to lie up in on a miserable day you have a better chance of meeting them in ground. A lot of big woodland and scrub round me and you never hit foxes in ground because there spoiled for choice the worst day that comes they will still be warm and dry don’t need a hole. But if you hit sheep hills where there nothing only st
  2. Well it’s definitely not a fox . And both the animals you mentioned are protected by law. So I reckon leave it as you found it undisturbed and keep walking.
  3. My mate just back from bone man with another one of the lurchers out disc back in. It’s worth a shot before spending thousands or getting dog pts
  4. I Had a lurcher this year left up for five weeks with the same problem couldn’t run at all. All caught up. brought it to a greyhound man and he diagnosed it as a slipped disc between the shoulder blades , he put it back in and gave a course of synulox and ten days rest. I done exactly as the man said and when I took him out the first week killed 6 foxes with him Mite work for u too worth a go anyways. Hope it works out for ya
  5. Like the look of the dog on the left, what age are they mate ?
  6. Good advice, that malaseb shampoo is good gear ive used it in the past.
  7. Ivomec very hard on dogs kidneys. I wouldn’t put it in any of my dogs that’s for sure.
  8. Anywhere you can watch it online in the south ?
  9. Nice day away down south with good friends today. What it’s all about all dogs worked well and a bit of craic and slagging
  10. Another notch on her collar. She’s coming to be my old reliable .
  11. I think it massively depends on the game you run. If we were to run rabbits one or two dogs between us would do us because there’s f**k all rabbits about here anymore only pockets and there well wide by mid season. If you only run fox and your out couple nights a week say two mid week a late one on Friday and an all-nighter Saturday your gonna need a few workers. If your putting in the miles and doing a lot of lamping on game that there’s a lot of one dog to you isn’t worth a f**k no matter how good it is between injuries, being sore , In heat (if it’s a bitch) but each to there own at the end
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