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    Smooth coat Patterdale Terrier wanted

    Hello and welcome mate try posting that in the terrier section ?.
  2. The one


    Hello and welcome mate
  3. The one

    New member interested in learning more

    Hello and welcome mate
  4. Very wary a great first post and he blogged nearly every section
  5. The one

    Hello from Doncaster

    Hello and welcome mate
  6. The one

    Jailed, and no dogs for ten years

    Bet the nine other lads he grassed up for a lighter sentence cant wait till he gets out ?.
  7. The one

    buying a news paper

    i used to get the people on a sunday for the crossword then stopped that years ago as Sunday papers are more than double the price of other papers
  8. The one

    Hello There

    Hello and welcome mate
  9. The one


    Hello and welcome mate
  10. The one

    Scottish weather

    If Scotland's that bad how come so many Bloody English are relocating here ?.
  11. The one

    Midland game fair

    saw him at Lowther with the guy that makes nets with the deerstalker and all he had was a empty tent with a oil drum ? with dvds of his lurcher in clear sleeves at a tenner a pop
  12. The one

    What dog??

    You go shooting with any mates ?. what they got ?. they got them for a reason do you like how they work ?.
  13. The one

    salmon head's

    I think i was thinking along the same boat as you i read somewhere that a salmon head was good for the mutts had Omega 3 etc and loads of other goodies , but now i just get enough scraps and fish heads to feed the ferrets once a week as a change from meat , Its nice to see some of the strange coloured fish heads etc but i reckon the dogs will get the same goodies from a tablet ? Then the next question is where do you draw the line ?. Multivitamin tablet , cod liver oil tablet , omega 3 tablet , Garlic tablet ?.
  14. The one

    salmon head's

    We got one of the biggest local salmon producers down the road so get what we want for free suppose every little bit helps cut there wastage removal ?. but there's a local fishmongers shop that gives you all the heads scraps for free if you go before Thursday as thats when the creel boys get them
  15. The one

    New user

    Hello and welcome mate
  16. The one


    Hello and welcome mate
  17. The one

    Hello all

    Hello and welcome
  18. The one

    JBS Longnets

    Surprised that clowns still trading
  19. The one

    A few hours out

    Nice numbers mate it does look like the old rabbits making a come back
  20. The one

    Thanks for invite pav

    thats a decent amount lads
  21. The one

    Few resent mounts

    Very nice mate and totally different as usual
  22. The one

    Topping up the ferret food.

    good going mate
  23. The one

    Me troy and rapid

    Nice result with a air rifle mate
  24. The one

    Lucky permission

    Nice result just as the season starts too
  25. The one

    My brief introduction.....

    Hello and welcome mate