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  1. Nice going mate good ferret food after they have been frozen for a bit
  2. If it dont sell join pigeon watch it should sell better on there ??
  3. Hello and welcome you tried facebook for ratting clubs ?.
  4. For shooting i use red , amber , blue and green but for the dogs filters reduce the beam
  5. Another great first post will he be back ?.
  6. i bought a copy of he's out dogging by R Booth with a few other books , But there's maybe 6 pages loose , is it worth anything like that ?. is it worth anything with the sellotaped in or am i better leaving it as is ??
  7. You might get one yet mate hes got a a advert on every section must be 20 never seen so many adverts for the same thing LOL
  8. Its great the amount of cockerels i am picking up for the ferrets just now , the noise they make soon pisses the neighbours off
  9. Hello and welcome mate , plenty good books on that subject to get you started
  10. No been back since he posted that LOL
  11. Get yourself a good book or two or even google what you want to do
  12. Hello and welcome mate , your probably in the best place to get a working pup
  13. Hello and welcome mate , you don't need a licence to hunt with a air rifle in England yet , But you will need .permission off a land owner so get knocking on doors you might be better with insurance just shows the land owner your cover for any damage you cause . Nobody on a hunting site is going to offer you permission or say where there good hunting mate that your job
  14. The one

    New gatenet

    My son has a slightly bigger nylon one its always in the pocket of his jacket when he takes the dogs out
  15. The one


    Got a few funny nets i put away one small one i was told was for bolt hole , christ knows why the rabbits bolting are just the same size , some like yours and some made with a old wooden ruler they just made them with what was too hand years ago
  16. I've kept diaries for over 40 years make good reading of times and places i no longer go to
  17. Hello and welcome mate and good luck getting permission on a hunting site LOL
  18. How did you get on with the box and collars you wanted from dogger ?.
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