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  1. Hello and welcome mate , take it you used the search bar to search the members list ?. if he hasnt been on for a year well people come and go
  2. The one

    Hi all

    Hello and welcome mate
  3. The one

    Some were to shoot

    Hello and welcome mate , most of the first posts are guys asking for permission on a forum where we are all after the same thing Good luck LOL
  4. The one

    Rabbit shooting Northamptonshire

    Good luck mate you and everybody else on here are after the same thing LOL
  5. The one

    Bloody horses

    Worst i had was my son got kicked square in the back by one of them nags you could see the hoof prints clearly on his back , the hospital wanted him to piss so they could see there was no blood in his urine and he couldn't piss in front of the nurse bloody 3 hour wait on him giving a sample LOL
  6. The one

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    aye i got asked to stop ferreting a farm as the british hawk society had 2 days booked on it , the rabbits only had 20 yards to run between the burrows there was no chance of the hawks catching them they where only exercising the buggers , every trip after that the spade had to be used worth it though even though it was nearly 1000 feet up the hills
  7. The one

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    Bloody love it when you put a lamp on a rabbit and it suddenly jumps three feet in the air a sure sign they seen a lamp before
  8. The one

    Plum Tree

    Give it a feed and water even plum trees need a rest and cant produce loads of fruit ever year
  9. The one

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    Do you no think that rabbits that stick have experienced ferrets before ? Either guys no putting enough ferrets in a big warren to move them or ferrets no going deep enough ?. i always seem to get more problem on a clear up job where somebody else has been ferreting the warrens
  10. The one


    i've got all colours here but thats just because these old eyes like the lighter colours better , and having different colours here i can see whos surfacing on a big warren with out tramping all over it and seeing if ones missing then out comes the knocker box . I had a mate packing in so i said i would rehome his ferrets while i found homes for them and one was a big EU polecat , big rippling barstool walked totally different from the ferrets put him in with my jills and the thrashed it LOL no use for working killed too many rabbits so passed him on to a guy who rated dark polecats
  11. The one

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    i don't dig either got a 6 4' son who digs for fun and goes at it like a JCB , but some days the spade makes up most of the bag
  12. The one

    Hi and thanks.

    Hello and welcome mate
  13. The one

    Flat roofs

    Half the houses in the street have roofs like that as there bedrooms go into the roof annex and every 7 to 10 years they get them refelted and you see the odd one getting stripped right back and new chipboard sheets put in across the rafters refelted then tarred , There feck all but bother as said if you can i would put a sloping roof on it
  14. The one

    That time of year again

    You certainly know how to enjoy yourself
  15. The one

    how much food can one man eat

    He just parks his caravan out front of the house
  16. The one

    Forestry flailing

    Hello and welcome mate a nice different introduction lol
  17. The one

    people putting in for fac

    Some folk should never have a gun far less a fire arm cert they should just get a stick and shout bang
  18. The one

    Roast beef .......well almost

    Looks nice but if you dont get it right it comes out dry
  19. Im 6'2" and my mother in law knitted me this jersey that made me look anorexic it came down to my knees its great for ferreting ect it never rides up and shows your builders crack and your never cold wearing it
  20. The one


    Its hitchhiking down to the butchers
  21. The one

    Theoben fenman pellet test.

    Aye its no use just buying cheap pellets when you see those results
  22. The one

    disney star cameron boyce dies

    Aye who was he a disney star at 22??.
  23. The one

    Theoben fenman pellet test.

    That's why you should test different pellet types the results are shocking for the Bisley Pests
  24. The one

    One more for the fenman

    Nice to see the end of the day picture has the gun laying on a slip never liked just laying the gun on the wet ground
  25. The one


    Just back from Loch Lomond i used to let the dogs run around the beach , but son took them to a field on our last day there , He gets back jumps in the shower before going for breakfast and got a tick stuck to his calf checked my bitch over and shes got a tick stuck on her . we never used to get them on the dogs local but now it seems if you take them across our local golf course they get ticks ?. My mate was in the vets and a couple got a tick removed from there dog he heard that will be £35 please