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  1. Little project I have just finished working on red fox cub climbing, wrapped body and limbs and a carved head cheers R
  2. Haven’t posted in awhile due to work commitments but have just finished this mink chasing a trout wrapped body and a carved head the fish was an artificial one which I just repainted cheers R
  3. Rob58

    Grey foxes

    Thank you Wayne
  4. Rob58

    Grey foxes

    Just finished this project a pair of grey foxes messing around playing, last project for awhile due to work commitments cheers R
  5. Rob58

    Stoats and rabbit

    Little project I have been working on a pair of stoats chasing down a rabbit wrapped bodys and carved heads cheers R
  6. Latest piece of work just of the bench this is available if anyone is interested cheers R
  7. Finished this project for one of the lads on here, this was a big polecat covered in ticks when it came in. Wrapped body carved head on the rabbit and the original skull on the polecat as it was jaw open cheers R
  8. Rob58

    DIY Fox Skull

    Nice and clean just how they should be
  9. Been doing afew bits over the last month or so some colour phased Ermine and a tiny female red squirrel that was gifted to me, unfortunate road casualty from up north, no reds down in East Sussex and a Blue/Mountain hare Mask. Wrapped body’s and carved heads. Cheers R
  10. Rob58

    Fox mask and ermine

    Couple of mounts I have been working on nice looking dog fox and a colour phased Ermine. its been so cold that I haven’t been able to do to much as nothing ever dries in these sub zero temperatures. cheers R
  11. Rob58

    White hare

    I’ll take it if you want to post to me I’ll cover postage kind regards robert
  12. Rob58

    Mink drinking

    Project I have been working on finally got round to finishing up mink drinking wrapped body and a carved head cheers R
  13. Rob58

    Grey fox on rock

    Beautiful grey fox I have just finished putting together came in as a salted dried skin wrapped body and a carved head cheers R
  14. Rob58

    Look What I Found!

    Hope your going to get it mounted looks like it’s in nice condition.
  15. Rob58

    Latest fox mask.

    Nice mask Wayne