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  1. Rob58

    Beautiful morning

    Nice write rich as usual mate.
  2. Rob58

    Fox mask

    Nice red fox summer coat I have just finished working on, the old fella was taking pheasants from some pens so he had to be dealt with cheers R
  3. Just finished working on this smart Roe deer shoulder mount for Rich,nice little antlers it was afew years old and had to get another cape for it which came from yokel Matt and it turned out really nice cheers R
  4. Rob58

    Latest fox mount. " The Dreamer "

    Lovely mount Wayne
  5. Rob58

    Little Roe Deer

    I don’t get to mount a lot of deer so it’s nice to get the opportunity to mount one from time to time, such pretty looking little deer cheers R
  6. Rob58

    Forequarter badger

    Just finished this forequarter badger this was a big old boy he was pretty smashed up being a RTA had some heavy scaring and damage but patched it up surprising what you can do with an airbrush cheers R
  7. Rob58

    Some recent success

    would have been some nice capes there would have made some nice mounts, great write up
  8. Little project I have just finished working on red fox cub climbing, wrapped body and limbs and a carved head cheers R
  9. Haven’t posted in awhile due to work commitments but have just finished this mink chasing a trout wrapped body and a carved head the fish was an artificial one which I just repainted cheers R
  10. Rob58

    Grey foxes

    Thank you Wayne
  11. Rob58

    Grey foxes

    Just finished this project a pair of grey foxes messing around playing, last project for awhile due to work commitments cheers R
  12. Rob58

    Stoats and rabbit

    Little project I have been working on a pair of stoats chasing down a rabbit wrapped bodys and carved heads cheers R
  13. Latest piece of work just of the bench this is available if anyone is interested cheers R
  14. Finished this project for one of the lads on here, this was a big polecat covered in ticks when it came in. Wrapped body carved head on the rabbit and the original skull on the polecat as it was jaw open cheers R
  15. Rob58

    DIY Fox Skull

    Nice and clean just how they should be