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  1. Nice read Rich hope you are well mate
  2. Rob58

    Black fox

    Thank you Wayne hope all is well and your keeping busy
  3. Don’t get to mount many of these had this on the bench for awhile now finished beautiful black fox
  4. Haven’t posted in awhile on here as it does seem to be really quiet on here now but thought I would share some resent work cheers RR
  5. Can any of you stalking fellas help me out looking for some nice clean muntjac capes if any of you are out grassing them regular or have some tucked away in freezers will cover a small fee and postage cheers RR
  6. Haven’t posted in awhile due to work commitments but had the time to work on this red fox chasing an Irish mountain hare the hare was a wrapped body and carved head and the Fox was a altered form cheers RR
  7. My first project of the new year I have just finished working on this pretty little Roe deer fawn I don’t get to work on many fawn so it’s nice when one comes in and a chance to try a different pose as all the previous fawn I have worked on I have mounted them laying down. Cheers R
  8. Finally back in my workshop after some busy work loads, had this on the bench this week and finally finished up nice big colour phased Ermine wrapped body and a carved head this is available DM if interested cheers R
  9. Finished this nice stag alittle while ago this was hand reared but unfortunately it had become dangerous so had to be put down cheers R
  10. Would have loved that dark cape Rich
  11. I don’t get to do many muntjac so it’s always nice to work on one when they come in and one that’s in such prime condition it was a pleasure to work on cheers R
  12. Nice write rich as usual mate.
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