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  1. Pups up now 8 1/2 month old
  2. I can’t argue with you as I haven’t been coursing with him myself, what I do know is the blood line in his dogs can produce some very decent stuff which I have seen run and some have very attacking running style which is a recipe for injury unfortunately
  3. It is mate he had same line for 30+ Years so can’t be that bad lol
  4. @Greb147 I have messaged you back mate was at work earlier
  5. I have a pup left out of a litter bred for my own personal use, bitch was too good not to breed from , can’t get any better breeding for running dogs. Mother to pups is out of a buddy x bonnie (deacon x flow) dog to a coursing lurcher bitch, farther to pups is out of Jamie (buddy x Sonia) x Lauren (jack x suzie) message for any more info, thanks
  6. Think there was a jack x splash litter
  7. Haven’t heard a bad word about wolfie heard you could slip him anywhere and everywhere and he would kill very reliable dog
  8. No mate wolfie died couple of years ago his son killed him in a fight
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