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  1. Think there was a jack x splash litter
  2. Haven’t heard a bad word about wolfie heard you could slip him anywhere and everywhere and he would kill very reliable dog
  3. No mate wolfie died couple of years ago his son killed him in a fight
  4. Do you no how old he will Be now mate
  5. Wouldn’t mind finding out as like you said they would be a good match I think
  6. Don’t no if scouser is still lining bitches don’t think the lad studs him out anymore
  7. Yes mate he has just recently passed away he was 15
  8. I can’t either tried to upload before it said file to big
  9. Thanks mate she has been a good bitch for me a pleasure to own and to watch run
  10. Yes mate nuttals buddy x bonnie she was deacon x flo that was the sires breeding the dam was a saluki whippet grey
  11. Looking for a well ran proven dog for stud for my bitch she is buddy x bonnie
  12. Thanks mate what is the oldest you would line a bitch just out of curiosity?
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