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  1. Waz

    Rettendon range rover murders

    Emperors new clothes
  2. Waz

    North/south divide.

    Aahh yes, ive heard of it in ballad...
  3. Waz

    North/south divide.

    What is this. 'up north' that one speaks of?
  4. Waz

    Rettendon range rover murders

    Aaaahh 100% organic then (Y) My friend 'members well the burgers, snowballs & the mitzi's. Thrills pills n bellyaches.
  5. Waz

    Rettendon range rover murders

    I always wondered if he was in a certain brotherhood also..
  6. Waz

    Rettendon range rover murders

    & picked up the soap
  7. Waz

    Rettendon range rover murders

    Funny enough, was a fella from Northampton way that done one of those. & another 'dodgy' character made it into a Ralph Fiennes book, fiction no doubt, but a few lads on here knew him & im sure have the odd tale. Theirs that many back stories to the RR murders, it'll maybe never be unravelled. The people looking after the grass who's on the witness protection were up on conspiracy to supply charges and suspended for years (allegedly)! Ive never read a book about it, but theirs been maybe half a dozen films that I know of at least.
  8. Waz

    Rettendon range rover murders

    The empty cases found around and in the RR were 7 1/2s which corresponded with the injuries.
  9. Waz

    Rettendon range rover murders

    Their is a little bit of fact loosely based behind that apparently. So it goes, an undercover investigation started & 2 OB phoned up M.Steele pretending to be Irish paramilitary or something & told him that it was them that put up $ & now theyve been rubbed out it was down to M.S. to refund them. Think they also contacted the deceased partners also with the same ruse.
  10. Waz

    Rettendon range rover murders

    Anyone who has clicked or commented on the thread i'd say
  11. Waz

    Rettendon range rover murders

    Apparently he was born in Holloway! life started out bad for him & didnt finish too great either.
  12. Waz

    Rettendon range rover murders

    the strokes they pulled, sounds like it was inevitable. but.. whodunit
  13. Waz

    Rettendon range rover murders

    I know nothing! Jack Wholmes & Mick Steele still mantain their innocence. If they held their hands up apparently theyd be out by now! They were convicted on the strength of one lads statement, he confessed to being the driver, but someone previously confessed to that role, without mentionof the 2 blokes names whove been convicted.