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  1. I think ebay is the best option for you to get the most out of it. Good luck selling the lot. Sorry to hear about your health issues.
  2. On https://www.anglebooks.com/sporting-dogs/terriers-lurchers.html?limit=24&p=1 the broadhurst books are between £185 - £200 The "normal" 1st edition of Darcy £100 Chapmans book £35
  3. Had the same over here, never hear them until a hedgehog passed through the garden in front of the kennels.
  4. Nice strong types DD, cracking photo! What's the one on the far right? (Looks black?)
  5. It's the same breed, teckel or dachshund.
  6. It's also the people behind the locator, there mentality these days. Most that i know are not interested anymore in testing a terrier, it's all about the numbers. I know a guy who has loads of permission any man could wish for, lives in a country he can legally hunt/dig all quarry but he would not hesitate to double up his dogs to get his numbers so he can show on fb.
  7. You're right, not the place, forget i asked.
  8. Dillydog, What are your thoughts about showing a youngster (at the right age) a stop end?
  9. We never put a dog in, even if we wanted to, the keeper wouldn't let us as they have learned from the past. There was a small spot in the corner that goes round wich we did tried and we blocked the other entrance for obvience reasons. These spots gives me the creeps.
  10. This is a bad spot were a few dogs were tried over the years. Unfortunatly the few dogs that were entered never came out.
  11. What's the deal with those pig hunters and leaving dogs behind?
  12. They say you have to be carefull feeding raw pork as it could be infected with the "Aujeszky" disease and it could be fatal for dogs.
  13. Don't know how long ago you ordered the book but it's very easy to get your money back with paypal, all you have to do is open a claim within 180 days, i did the same and got my money back of johnny con thanks to paypal.
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