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  1. PEM


    Make a sourdough starter, dont need yeast for that. https://www.theperfectloaf.com/7-easy-steps-making-incredible-sourdough-starter-scratch/
  2. Mosby

    Thanks for the articles.

  3. antsa

    Could you forward me the buck article please, sahkomail is antwatson@hotmail. co.uk

  4. I got the text in a pdf format, if your interested? PM me your mail addy and Il send it to you.
  5. Not sure what u mean, but the teckel is a popular hunting dog i Norway, Sweden and Finland. It's used for small game as badger, fox, mink, and also for bigger game like roe deer, red deer and so on. A very versatile dog, does both tracking in line, chasing and as a earth dog. Han mener hvordan er dachsen din er avlet stamtavle,linjer etc... spennende med norske hi jegere her
  6. Hi I think the book he put out was called "AMERICAN GAMENESS AND HERITAGE - VOLUME 1 REDNECKS" cheers
  7. So is it in Norway, hounds are also used on deer and elk. PEM
  8. Sorry Tiny coursing is not alowed there, dont think that coursing is allowed in any of the scandinavian countries.But you can dig all quarry also badger legally
  9. Hi all I am from Norway, been into bulls in the past. Waiting on an lakeland that I am importing from Ireland. Have been a hunter for some years, but going into terrierwork for the first time. Nice to be back. PEM "I am also an admin on the Phoenix board in the bull section"
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