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  1. Cheers buddy! I'll keep you posted
  2. Thanks Stoney, after a bit of an internet search a place called Protek supplies may have magazines and ammo
  3. Anybody remember these gallery guns? Anyone else got one? I've got 2, one slightly better than the other. Is it worth getting them refurbished, or just hang them on the wall? No splits in stock, just a bit of pitting on metal. They would both need a little attention to use, spring very weak on 1, and bolt seized at the mo on the other, but sure it wouldn't take a lot to get them both working. Also need some magazines for them. I would post some pics but not very good on a phone, or computer
  4. Beer sounds good then! Thanks! I'll let you how I get on. :-)
  5. Hi fishermen! Does anyone know of any areas in Dorset or East Devon that are fishing well for mackeral off the beach next week? Ive been boat fishing from Weymouth a few times in the last 5-6 years, but Weymouth doesn't seem to be fishing as well as it did when I first started, so I was thinking perhaps Beer/Lyme Regis, or even Ilfacombe? Any suggestion or info greatfully recieved. Cheers Dave
  6. Sad loss of a great young talant... RIP Marco.
  7. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions, all sorted now, filled the cylinder no problem from another bottle. So back to the dive shop I went! Turned out to be a sticky gauge Luckily no damage seems to of been done. Went out tonight and shot about 25 shots to check the zero and let some pressure out, then went for a little mooch, managed 5 rabbits and a crow in under 2 hours My old faithful is back I will probably still have a JB service and blueprint at some point, although it still puts pellet on pellet at 25 yards. I loves my MPT There may be a .22 hw80 for sale soon!
  8. Cheers Mole, looks like I'm gonna have to do a few hours overtime! It's a cracking little gun and I haven't spent a penny on it since owning it! I'll pm ya for JB's details when I get a bit of spare cash.
  9. Cheers for the advice Kev, just left bottle and gun connected for about 3mins, but the needle didn't move at all.
  10. The bottle and bit with the gauge on (regulater?) came with the bottle (both second hand from the dive shop) and i'm just using my old hose to connect the bottle to my gun, so don't think it can be my hose, as there's no blockage in it and no oneway valves (I can blow through either end of the hose). But I don't know anything about compressed gases/hoses/fittings!!
  11. Are you sure you've got the correct adapter for your gun and new bottle, mate Yep, using same adaptor I've always used.
  12. Stupid question but have you tried opening the valve on the bottle to fully open? ..........Why not get the great John Bowkett to do it and give it a full blueprint! I've just tried again...got about 3 full turns out the tap on the bottle then the tap goes solid, end of travel I presume? Any idea how much John Bowkett would charge for a blueprint and service?
  13. Hi, just wondering if any has had a similiar prolem? I've got a Titian MPT (.177), a fairly old gun, bought it brand about 20 years ago! Anyway I bought a new divers bottle last week, (as mine failed the test). Tried to charge my gun yesterday and the gauge would only show 1500 PSI, so took the bottle back today to see how much presure was in there... 3200 PSI! So why won't it go into the gun? Air comes out the cylinder fine. I presume a service may be in order? Could it just be a degraded seal perhaps? Can't be anything else can it?
  14. I agree the landlord should be sorting it out. I'm in Gloucestershire so hopefully the council might sort out the whole terrace. If it was only a few I'd have a go myself to help her out seeing as she's tall, blonde, pretty and a good body! It was kinda funny how it came up....my mate was chatting to a girl he knows and this other girl, as it was in a pub/club type place i couldn't really hear too much until my mate churps up, "...oh Dave will kill them, he's good at killing stuff"!!! Thanks mate! Turned out she's a veggie but a sensible one!! Thanks for the advice, I'll get her n
  15. Was just wondering if any pros or anyone "in the know" could offer some advice. I got introduced to a young student gal tonight up town,her rented terraced house is over run with mice. I offered a free removal of corpses from the traps she has set, but told her she's wasting her time as all the houses will have mice and all that will happen is others will just move in from the neighbouring properies I told her because it was a row of terraced houses, I thought the council offered a free service to the whole terrace. Am I correct or is it only if it involes rats?
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