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  1. I understand he turned his life around, got a bit of education, but did he become a snide ? Cheers.
  2. Every Mirror or Guardian comment can be refuted by a Mail or Telegraph comment.......so what's the point in copy and pasting them ? I respect everyone's views, even if I vehemently disagree with them, but quoting biased sources from either side is hardly debate or discussion. Cheers.
  3. An honest to goodness, old school, armed blagger! "bought his muvver flowers and things....yes, he did nail my head to a table, but he was a good bloke ! " Cheers.
  4. Annalese Dodds, Labour, has just this minute said, when being interviewed at the Labour conference " I don't know how we will finance our plans"..... So, they attack everything the Tory's propose, but have no plan of their own. The Tory's are shit, but Labour isn't the answer......... Cheers.
  5. McVicar has died aged 82. I enjoyed the film, Daltrey played the part well. Cheers.
  6. At least one we know is ! Cheers.
  7. I think it was a "round robin" and the two teams with the most frames go into the final. Not entirely sure though Cheers.
  8. It's a strange format. O'Sullivan/Evans need one more frame to get into tonight's final, against.........Selby/Kenna ! Cheers.
  9. Watching it now. Pleasantly surprised at the women's skill levels. Cheers.
  10. You're correct mate, special bowls to slow down eating; Cheers.
  11. You think banning fox hunting was an "achievement ?????? They banned ALL hunting with dogs with the exception of rats and rabbits. They made criminals of me and many others , including yourself, if you work your dogs, and you consider that an "ACHIEVEMENT" ??? Cheers.
  12. Max, I agree entirely with what you say about foreign aid, but what you say about income tax doesn't make sense. You say the average joe will save a bit, but the rich will save loads with th 1% cut. Well, the rich will save even more if you bring in a standard rate of 10% across the board. The rich pay 40-45 % now, lowering their tax burden by 30-35% would only make them richer and the country poorer. Cheers.
  13. I could trawl the 'net to find any amount of right wing commentators to rebut everyone of Sandy's left wing commentators, but that's not the point. ALL the politicians and political parties couldn't give a f**k about us ! At least the Tory's are consistent in their support of "Big Business", "free markets", wether we like it or support it. Labour, during my life time, have gone from the party of the working man, to Islington based, identity politics and have taken the working mans vote for granted. The last General Election shocked them.......they didn't understand that wh
  14. I'm six foot, I know my dogs are big, but, c,mon ! Cheers.
  15. Deerhounds and othe large breeds can suffer from bloat, (torsion). One of the causes is thought to be over eating at one sitting. Although I've never had this problem with deerhound bred lurchers,I tend to feed them smaller portions two or three time a day, just in case Cheers.
  16. Labour were apoplectic with the Tory's planned NI rise....... Now Labour are apoplectic that the planned NI rise is cancelled ! Labours default setting is simply to oppose anything the Tory's propose. I watched Labours Wes Streeting being interviewed on Sky this morning, he condemned every part of yesterday's budget, but had no answer when asked what Labour would do. All he could say was they wouldn't divulge their plans until they are in power. Theyve spent the last few years calling the Tory's the party of tax rises, now they are screaming because the Tory's are cut
  17. Why is the UK taxing us less than some other countries a bad thing ? Looking at the the graphs, we in the U.K. are taxed lower than some countries, higher than other countries. If the figures said we are the highest taxed in the developed world, people would complain, if we were the lowest taxed in the developed world, others would complain! Go figure ? Or, as someone once said: " there are lies, damned lies.....and statistics! " Cheers.
  18. Why are England playing in blue and white ? Surely it should be red and white or all white ? Cheers.
  19. Stick to your burgers........leave the haute cuisine to us gourmets Cheers.
  20. Rabbit, pigeon and black pudding pie. Cooked with home grown carrots, onions, garlic and chilli; Served with home grown Swiss chard and yellow bell pepper fried in butter; Cheers.
  21. I know, mate, bullying is unconscionable ! Please accept my sincere apologies I blame it on the Covid jab........it gets the blame for every f****n' thing else ! Cheers,
  22. That's not Covid.......it's the effects of going vegan.......... Cheers.
  23. I've never felt better since I've had the jabs and booster, I'm as pert as a rutting buck ! I wish the c**ts would hurry up and offer me another ! Cheers.
  24. What jab ? I've never had any jab.........I think........ Cheers.
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