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  1. I've been watching "The 70's" music shows on tv, and that track was played last night. A classic Cheers.
  2. Esoteric, mate, esoteric............ Cheers.
  3. I remember before the Russians were allowed to travel, and then when they were free to travel, places like Dubai, Thailand, etc, were flooded with them. Pandora's box was opened.......there's no putting them back in the box now . Cheers.
  4. A singer on the UK talent show, The X Factor, who Wilfy was alluding to Cheers.
  5. No Conspiricy there mC, read the last line Cheers.
  6. If the Russians simply turned it off, they would look like the bad 'uns, if it's a false flag, they can blame the Americans and the Ukrainians. If it was the Yanks or the Ukrainians, they can blame the Russians. " Real Politik", mate We'll probably never know who did it. Cheers.
  7. Haven't got a clue, just what I see on the news, but must be one of the ones that runs from Russia, through the Baltic to Europe. Cheers.
  8. Nordstream pipeline has been "blown up" under the North Sea . Americans, Russians, Ukrainians, who knows ? Put the news on Tomo, I'm going out with the dogs, can't be your personal Reuters all day ! Cheers.
  9. I think you just made the whole thing up ! Why ? Because Nurse Ratched, ( Loise Fletcher), died last week ! Just kidding, mate , hope it's nothing too serious and everything turns out well Cheers.
  10. Labour's got a new slogan; "We are the political wing of the British People". Hmmm, sounds a bit like " the Chinese communist party is the political wing of the Chinese People's Liberation Army" Or " the Russian Politburo is the political wing of the Red Army" Or " Sinn Fien is the political wing of the I.R.A.". Doesn't sit quite right, somehow. Cheers.
  11. I know we shouldn't have to, these days, and it won't be everyone's cup of tea, (pardon the pun), but I quite like the idea of going back to basics. Getting by without the "luxuries" of life. Cooking and boiling a kettle on an open fire, I already catch and produce a lot of the food I eat. If the council would allow it, I'd have a goat on the allotment for milk, couple of pigs to fatten. I've just got my television tax demand, so I'm in the mood to do without the TV It all sounds a bit like going back to the 50's, and I'm not looking back thru' rose tinted glasses, I've been t
  12. And they can cut off supply to an analog meter just as simply. We are where we are mate, those with the power, control the power, sadly....... Cheers.
  13. First seen them air pump vacuum flasks almost 50 years ago in the Middle East. The Bedouin loved them for their qawa and chai Cheers.
  14. Smart meter, mate....out of my control Cheers.
  15. I use it as a polite way of saying "insane" Cheers.
  16. "You don't get rich by spending money" Cheers.
  17. My missus drew the line at me burning pallets in an old oil drum in the garden and having a kettle permanently on the boil....don't know why, makes perfect sense to me ! Cheers.
  18. I realised as soon as I posted that it would be " what's an air pump vacuum flask", " what's the best air pump vacuum flask", " how good are air pump vacuum flasks", No offence KD, I quite like some of your "esoteric " posts Cheers.
  19. The way things are going, the Munch Bunch could soon have a bigger following than Juventus ! Cheers.
  20. I look back with nostalgia when the meat raffle was a brace of rabbits or a hare or a chicken, " give us a few minutes until I go to the allotment and knack one and pluck it " Cheers.
  21. Sort of related...... I'm on an energy saving crusade at the moment, so, instead of boiling the kettle 10-15 times a day, I've bought one of those 3 litre air pump vacuum flasks. Fill it in the morning, lasts all day, plenty hot enough for coffee until bedtime Cheers.
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