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  1. I'm no apologist for the Tory's, so I'm being a bit of a "Devils advocate" here. VAT free shopping for tourists will increase footfall and sales, helping to keep high street shops open and people employed. Cutting business taxes, likewise, keeping manufacturing and retail companies competitive and keeping people in jobs. Scrapping the bonus tax on bankers means they will operate from here, paying taxes, buying cars, houses, goods here instead of Zurich, Paris, New York. Cutting taxes has been proven to increase the economy leading to more jobs, and paradoxically, more tax r
  2. Well done, NK Dont let the bullies get you down, if you have made a lifestyle choice, stick with it, even if all your friends turn their backs on you, even if everyone on THL is sniggering and pointing at you, you're safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to save the planet by joining the bearded, sandal wearing woke, sjw's Cheers.
  3. Pigeon breasts and rabbit, In the slow cooker with black pudding; I think that puts me firmly in the "non-vegan" category! Although I give a nod to my "five a day" with carrots, onions, garlic and chilli; Cheers.
  4. Say it ain't so, Newkid, say it ain't so........ Cheers.
  5. Being pedantic is the only way to keep my literary sanity, as taking on the fruitless task of trying to get mC to use at least SOME punctuation, is causing me to doubt myself ! !! Cheers.
  6. I'm going to be really pedantic here ! Spelt or Spelled: What’s the Difference? - Writing Explained WRITINGEXPLAINED.ORG Don't make this mistake ever again. Learn the proper spelling of spelled and spelt with example sentences and quizzes at Writing Explained. Cheers.
  7. C'mon, Wilf and the magnificent seven aren't that bad ! Cheers.
  8. Nice wellies........ Cheers.
  9. Is that the pup or the older bitch ? Cheers.
  10. Reported for being a misogynist and a homophobe ! Cheers.
  11. I've heard about it, but it's far to convoluted to believe if it's true or not. Theres been saudi kings and princes killed by their own family, but in Saudi itself. If there really was an assassination attempt on MBS , I doubt it would have been attempted in America, to many different law enforcement agencies, it would probably have to happen in Saudi. But any way, far , far above any pay grade I may have had . Cheers.
  12. Knowing saudi princes as I do, maybe it's just as simple as thinking this might go some way to balancing the books concerning sawing up journalists ! ! Cheers.
  13. Saudi Arabian Crown Prince has secured the release of five British prisoners of war in Russia. On their way home now. Well, that certainly came out of left field ! Five Britons and two Americans among 10 foreign prisoners of war released by Russia | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Aiden Aslin (pictured) was captured alongside another Briton in June, and kept in detention by pro-Moscow separatists, before a court in the... Cheers.
  14. The Left must be suffering extreme angst, trying to decide wether to support Patel or Mohammed, but then again, some lefty commentators are already blaming "far right agitators ".......... Cheers.
  15. And the German sniper......"very interesting" Cheers.
  16. Gave a platform to people like Judy Carne, Goldie Hawn, Lilly Tomlin. Is in the "Top 50 TV shows of all time" Cheers.
  17. The atmosphere when we had a 3-3 draw at St. James' was like we'd just won the Cup ! f**k knows what it'd be like if we actually won something Cheers.
  18. chartpolski


    People complain that the UK is losing its identity, it's not the same anymore. Then we put on the greatest display of pageantry the worlds ever seen, something uniquely British. And still there are complaints. Cheers.
  19. How the hell did you manage to get a dozen cuts before you realised ! Cheers.
  20. See, we northerners, Newcastle fans in particular, get a trifle upset when other teams fans, not necessarily southerners , claim we think we are entitled to be a top four club, in Europe every season. No we don't, we are just sick of under achieving under successive owners and managers. We'd just like to not be worrying about getting relegated every season, maybe a top ten finish, not be humiliated by lower league and non- league teams in the cups every season But I do have a wry smile whenever I read "little" West Ham ! Perfect expectation management Cheers.
  21. Nope.......we never learn !! Theres many times I read threads and think "no, Richie, don't do it, don't reply, you know how it'll end up" ! But it's like there's some malignant force takes control of your brain and fingers, and you try your hardest not to, but you find yourself typing a reply anyway !!! Cheers.
  22. chartpolski


    I wouldn't worry about the cost of the funeral.....it cost roughly the same as keeping the illegal immigrants in hotels for a day, I know which I'd rather spend the money on Cheers.
  23. How about these ? German bib brace WWW.SURPLUSANDOUTDOORS.COM German olive green military issue bib and brace ready to post now Cheers.
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